Here are some of the things to know about shih tzu that most books about dogs fail to mention.

(Here is a picture of my sister and two of my dogs)

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After reading this article named “Three Things You Should Know About Siberian Huskies“, I was inspired to write also about our dogs. Personally, I own 30 adult shih tzu and 5 puppies as of the moment. I must admit that taking care of them is very hard, especially when maintaining healthy and shiny coat, but the happiness they will give you once they get in touch with you is incomparable. All of those listed below are personal experiences and may vary with other dogs.

1. They are very protective of their territory especially after giving birth.

2. They easily get jealous and would like to do something every time you don’t pay attention to them.

3. They are like humans: all of them have different personalities.

4. They like to pee on the place when they feel to claim it as their territory.

5. They just like to sit in front of the window and see cars and people passing by.

6. They also get sick when their master get sick.

7. They consider the one feeding them as their master.

8. Those who submit and fear their master very much will urinate every time their master hold them.

9. They never want to be alone.

10. The first thing they will do is to smell you the first they’ll meet you.

11. Some of them would just love to  stare at something.

12. And some of them would love to scratch hard objects they see.

13. They get very excited when they see their bowl being filled with food.

14. Some of them love to eat fruits especially apples.

15. Their sense of knowing danger is very great that it can compete with that of the guard dog’s.

16. When your melatonin doesn’t work well, shih-tzu has the ability to sense time and may be able to wake you up in the morning.

I hope youo enjoyed this article. God Bless You All!

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  • papaleng on Apr 12, 2009

    a very interesting article, nice pictures too.

  • CutestPrincess on Apr 16, 2009

    your sister is pretty.. i like this article about Shih Tzu, my favorite dog….

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