A curious boy named Bill discovers a secret world inside his bedroom closet! As he continues to explore this fascinating, mysterious world, his life becomes more and more interesting.

A Boy Named Bill – Part 1

“Bill! Get up now! Time for school! You better hurry or you will be late!” Those were the first words that Bill Smith heard every single morning. He was sick and tired of the constant nagging from his parents and his little sister Sophia. He groggily opened his eyes and slowly crawled out of bed. For a long time he stood in front of his full length mirror, looking at himself and contemplating his life. What was the point, he thought to himself. As he looked around his bedroom, he realized there was nothing he could do. Bill opened his closet door and pulled out some clothes. At that exact moment his mother shouted right outside his door.

“Bill, for the last time, hurry up!”

Bill groaned to himself angrily, and realized he wanted nothing more than some peace and quiet. So he climbed into his closet and shut the door, surrounding himself with darkness. As he sat there peacefully, he made a wish quietly.

“I wish I could escape to my own little secret world!”

This was something Bill had always wanted. It was his fantasy, and he always dreamed that maybe one day it would happen. But he knew deep down that it was unrealistic and stupid. But he kept on hoping. Bill pulled the light switch in his closet, tired of sitting in the dark, and all of a sudden his closet started spinning. Bright lights, almost like a disco ball, started flashing. Bill stared and rubbed his eyes, not quite believing what he was seeing. His closet kept on spinning, seemingly going faster and faster until Bill began to get a little nervous and scared. But as quickly as it had started, it stopped. Bill stood up slowly, not sure of what to do. He realized that by pulling the light switch he had triggered some sort of amazing event to happen. He closed his eyes and placed his hand on the closet door handle, slowly sliding the door open. Cool air and the distant squawking of birds caused him to open his eyes and take in his surroundings. He appeared to be at the end of a long tunnel in a cave, and a strong, earthy smell filled his nostrils as he inhaled.

Taking one last look at his closet that had somehow landed in this mysterious world, Bill took a cautious step forward. His shoes slowly padded on the damp dirt below him as he began his trek into the unknown.

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  • Eiddwen on Sep 4, 2012

    So very interesting and thanks for sharing I now look forward to many more by you.

  • jennyreeve on Sep 6, 2012

    A good introduction.

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