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The full moon hangs high above the blacken sky; its crimson shine blazing down upon Lafitte Cemetery.

In Louisiana’s town square Marti Gras begins. Meanwhile the silence of the cemetery becomes disturbed by the thunderous screams of a hysterical woman. She flees down the aisle of tombs and breaks for the entrance. Afterwards running like a bat out of hell into the well light alleyway. She takes a minute, bends over, and breathes in three big gulps of air. But startled by the ferocious growling that came from behind she prepared to bolt; however, the right heel of her black stiletto gets caught in a deep crack in the concrete and from her anxious thrashing breaks. As a result, she stumbles and falls face first into a mountain of garbage.

She lies there in the muck of trash listening to the squealing of mice from beneath her. At that moment she begins to cry, a flood of tears raining down from her hazel eyes. Gradually she stands and the left shoulder strap of her hot red mini-dress begins to flap in the wind. Exposing her firm bare breast and in addition the black fishnet stockings in which she is wearing that have been torn. Thus deep jagged cuts stream down her thighs, blemishing her flawless fair white skin. Once again a growl tore the silence and at that moment, the mice scattered leaving feces in their itinerary. While she ran behind a waste tank and placed her hands against her mouth, trying to silence her heaving and calm her panicking heart.

Just then the street lamps within the alley began to burst and the hasty clicking of razor sharp claws begun to beat against the cold concrete floor. Her heart began to beat faster as the alley was plunged into darkness. The idea to run crossed her mind many times, but along with those thoughts came the imagined scenarios. One in which consisted of the gigantic beast leaping out of the shadows and pouncing her into the ground. Afterwards slowly devouring her alive. Nevertheless she readied to run but to her horror when she poked her head, to check if it was safe; there the beast was. Its glowing ruby red eyes staring back at hers. The blood lust borrowing into her thoughts and forcing her heartbeat to drum like a vast band.

As she gawks the monster parts its jaw and saliva oozes in between its humongous satirical fangs.

An hour and a half later, a couple rushes away from the craze of Marti Gras and coincidentally finds the pitch black alley. The young man, John Rider, has jet black hair that is neatly gelled and combed to the back with lime green eyes. On the other hand, the prostitute, Olivia O’Riley, has bone straight blonde hair that stretches pass her buttocks and big ocean blue eyes. Olivia takes John by the shoulders and forcefully pushes him against the brick wall while simultaneously kissing him. Their tongues twining and slithering against each other like mating snakes. When Olivia breaks the kiss she smiles as a stream of spit drizzles downward between them like a shared noodle of spaghetti.  Olivia giggles and sets her head on John shoulder then whispers in his ear, “Aren’t you a naughty little boy. You need to be punished.”

A shiver ran down John’s back as Olivia got to her knees and undid his belt with her teeth. Next she dives her hand into his boxers. At that moment, Olivia takes hold of the shaft of his penis, but she notices his odd expression. “What’s wrong?”

 “Your hands are wet.” John replies.

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“What?” Olivia retorts.

At that point, Olivia takes out her hand and stands then saunters into the alley where a shallow gleam of light beams. She looks down at her palms which are stained with thick hot blood and screams.

 Forty-five minutes later Edward Rodriguez, a detective, is the first officer at the scene.  He is five feet and seveninches tall with black eyes and shoulder length black hair. And is wearing an ash gray suit with black dress shoes; he takes a pen and a notebook from the inner pocket of his jacket then kneels before the remains of the mutilated body.

Unpublished work © 2011 William Perry




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