Will Jake get a grant to assist with his training?

Oh, boy. My coach wants to send me to Montreal for a month. Crap. Not that I have anything against Montreal. I like Montreal, but it means taking a month leave from City Hell. I can see Mayor Man having a shit-fit over this.

I have also talked to Coach with regards as to who is paying for this trip. I should be able to get a government grant. He is ‘working on it’.

I stepped into the office, John was in there doing nothing as usual. Judy was working on some stuff on the computer. James and Jannet were cleaning up the printer room. Mayor Man was yapping on the phone, and it looks like he is in a bad mood as usual.

I don’t think this is a good time to tell him about Montreal.

“I got it.”, John said immediately as I stepped in.

“Got what?”, I asked, “A major mental malfunction?”

John looked at me and smiled, “I am now a police supervisor.”

“Oh, no.”, I said with sarcasm, “Now our police are going to get even lazier.  Just when you thought comatose was not lazy enough, along comes John. Excuse me, Supervisor John. Oh, shit.”

John was staring into space the whole time I was talking, but this is normal for him. He’s an idiot.

I continued, “More donut breaks, more standing around with thumbs up butts, longer response times, what else…?”

I turned to Judy, “What do you think, Judy? Is it a good idea for John to be a supervisor?”

Judy said nothing, but just began to laugh hysterically.

“I guess that’s a ‘no’, I looked at John.

John looked around at all of us, “I don’t give a crap what any of you think. It’s been done. As of tomorrow, I am a boss.”

“Very scary, that is.”, I said in a sarcastic voice while trying to imitate Yoda.

The Mayor walked into the office right at that time, “What the hell is this deal about you going to Montreal, Jake?”

Oh, boy. Someone spilled the beans. I wonder who? John? I wouldn’t be surprised.

I gave John a dirty look, and he smirked.

Now I have to awkwardly explain myself to Mayor Man, “Well, Jeremy is not going to be around for the month, and he wants me to keep training, so he is sending me to his friend’s gym in Montreal, and he is going to try to get a grant to pay for it. Isn’t that great?”

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