Will Jake get a grant to assist with his training?

The Mayor looked at me with one of ‘those looks’, “Why can’t you just train at another gym around here?”

I raised my hand, and rubbed my fingers together, “I would have to pay more to train at another place. Besides, I am hoping the Government of Canada will give me a grant to assist my training. This gives me an excuse to apply.”

The Mayor did not look too happy, considering he is always complaining about my performance anyway, so in a rather angry voice he said, “…and how the hell is any work going to get done around here? Its bad enough that you are damn late every damn day, and now you are coming to me expecting me to give you a whole F-ing month off so you can flake off to Montreal to train for some stupid boxing match that you don’t have a chance in Hell of winning. Let me get it straight. Is that what you are asking? Really, tell me. Is that it?”

Oh boy, this is awkward. He’s a bit pissed. You think?

“Ummmmmm…yeah.”, I said rather quietly.

“No.”, he said firmly, and walked out of the room.

I looked around and noticed that the whole office was looking at me.

Judy’s phone rang, “Hello, Mayor’s Office.”

After a short pause she said, “Sure Jeremy, he’s right here.”

“It’s for you.”, she looked at me.

I don’t know why he didn’t call my extension, but it doesn’t matter.

“Coach.”, I said with happy surprise, “What’s up?”

Coach sounded excited, “I need you to drop by the gym after work. We received a letter from the government grants office.”

I was feeling happier now. Its possible that I may have hit a huge windfall thanks to the Canadian taxpayers.

“OK, I’ll come over now.”, I said happily.

“I have to go.”, I said to Judy, then quickly left.

As I was walking past the mayor’s office, I heard his big thundering voice after me, “Forget it, Jake. I’m not giving you time off to go to Montreal!”

It was beginning to rain, and it was one of those cold, autumn rains. Crappy.

I once again took the subway up to Dundas West station. There was no delay for a change. It confused me. I am not sure what to do when there is no delay. An even bigger surprise, the Forty was on time! Wow. Call the newsroom. This is true news!

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