Will Jake get a grant to assist with his training?

Once I arrived at the Stockyards Gym,  Coach Jeremy was sitting at his desk filing through some papers. Sure enough, on his desk was a letter from the government grants office. It was not open. I thought he had already opened it.

“Hi, Coach.”, I said as I walked in.

“Are you ready?”, Coach said, “Let’s see what happened.”

He grabbed the letter and opened it.

“There is a cheque in here.”, He said happily, then began to slowly remove the envelope as to reveal one number at a time.

He read each number as it was revealed, “I see a four.”

“Four is a good number”, I said in a happy voice.

He revealed the next number, “I see an eight.”

“Eight is a very good number”, I said with a smile.

He revealed the next number, “Seven.”

“OK”, I said.

He pulled the envelope further, “I see… I see… I see $487…Well, that covers the first day.”

“What?!”, I yelled. “No wonder we always suck at the Olympics. If this is the kind of support our government gives our athletes.”

“Well, Jake, I guess flying to Montreal is out. You will have to take the bus.”, Coach said.

“There may be a bit of a problem with that.”, I said in a disappointed voice, The mayor is not letting me have any time off.”

The coach had a look of disappointment, “Oh, what an ass.”

“Its OK, I’ll work on it.”, I said, as I knew there would be a way to smooth-over the mayor.

Coach was in the middle of packing for his trip, “OK, Jake, I’m off for the rest of the month. I have to go. Please lock up when you leave. Good luck with the mayor. If you can’t get to Montreal, do your best to train on your own.”

“Yeah, Coach.”, I said, “Later.”

I did a bit of training after Coach left. Well, a bit, 90 minutes. I was so entrenched in my training, that I completely forgot about City Hell.

I collected all my belongings, locked up the gym, and headed for the bus stop.

I looked at the schedule, and the Forty is supposed to be every twelve minutes this time of day. That means the next one should be here in about an hour. One thing to always remember about the buses in Toronto, there are two schedules, the posted schedule, and the drivers’ schedule.

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