Will Jake get a grant to assist with his training?

I waited at Runnymede Loop for a few minutes, a thirty, and a seventy-one went by, but no fourty. Of course not. You know how it works, if I didn’t want the bus there would  be all kinds. Buses for days!

I saw a seventy-nine coming, which goes to Runnymede Station, so I decided to take that.

By this time it was almost three o’clock, I really only have about an hour or so left to work. It is pretty-well pointless to go back to the office.

I went to Dundas West Station, and walked up to Glenlake Avenue.

I walked up to my crappy attic apartment. Three sets of stairs. Oh yeah, I have not yet told you about by crappy attic apartment. Well, it is in a nice house, on a nice street, but its a damn attic! It is basically a single room with a low ceiling, and a small closet in one corner. My bathroom is actually on the second floor, so I have to walk down the creaky stairs and across the hall. It is my own bathroom, but thanks to those noisey stairs, the whole house knows when I am using the toilet. In my room, I have a futon, table, chair, LCD TV with digital cable, computer, a counter and a small fridge, hotplate and mircowave, and a small stainless steel sink. I also have a toaster,  slow cooker and coffee maker. Nothing special, and only $765 per month. Yeah, welcome to Toronto.

When I walked in, the message indicator on my phone was flashing.

Oh crap. That is probably the mayor complaining about why I was not at work for most of the day.

I looked through the caller IDs, and sure enough, “CITY OF TORONTO” was there. Damn!

I went and checked my messages, there was one from Mayor Man, “Jake, I’m not sure where the hell you are, but I have re-considered. Don’t bother coming in for the rest of the month, have fun in Montreal.”

See, I knew I could change his mind.

This changes things. Now I have to get ready for a month in Montreal. I don’t even have a place to stay. I have a whole $487, that should cover a nice suite at the Hilton…for a day.

I hate travelling, it is always such a huge pain in the butt. At least it will give me some time away from those idiots called co-workers, and that fucking John.

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