Will Jake get a grant to assist with his training?

The next bus to Montreal leaves in an hour. If I walk to the bus station, I can get there in just under an hour, if I take the TTC, I can get there in just over an hour.  Hmmmm…I’ll take a damn taxi.

After a 70-minute taxi ride through downtown Toronto damn traffic, and $44.50 fare, I obviously missed the bus, but they are apparently every hour. Good, I have time to line up for….oh, shit, look at that lineup for tickets. Damn!

I could feel my blood pressure slowly beginning to rise. See, this is why I hate travel….and I have to go to the bathroom!

When it was finally my turn at the ticket window, I walked up to the lady, and politely asked, “Hi. Montreal, please.”

“OK”, she said with a smile, “$112.75, please.”

I was expecting to pay $28, so this was news to me, and I was not the least bit happy about it, “Wait. I was just on the website and the ticket is $28. What the hell kind of stunt are you trying to pull, lady?”

She just looked at me and smiled, “That is a discounted fare, you have to book on the website at least ten days ahead of time. If you just walk in off the street and want a ticket for the next bus, you have to pay full fare, which is $112.75″

I was enraged, “Fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck…you! That’s bullshit! I am not paying $112 for bus fare, and I am not leaving this window without a $28 bus ticket! Now, what can I get for $28?”

She clanked away on her computer for a few seconds, and then turned to me and said, “Guelph.”

“Guelph?!”, I questioned, “Guelph? You are sending me to Guelph? What the hell is there to do in Guelph?”

The ticket agent smiled and said, “There is a very good university there, sir.”

I looked at her with a glare, “I don’t want to go to university! I’ve been to university! I want to go to Montreal!”

“$112.75, please”, she said as if nothing had happened.

Nothing was going to crack her. I have to say she was very professional, “OK, fine.”, I slammed my Visa card onto the counter, “Here is your damn $112.75, and I hope you choke on it!”

She smiled and handed me the ticket, “Thank you, sir.  Bay twelve. Have a nice trip.”

“Bitch.”, I said quietly as I walked away, and went to bay twelve to wait for boarding.

Meanwhile, back at City Hall…

Judy was getting ready to leave for the day. It was almost eight o’clock. Judy likes to work late. First one in, last one out. I hate her. 

Her phone rang, “Shit….Hello, Mayor’s Office.”

The voice calling was very familiar. It was John, “Hey, Judy. Is Jake still in?”

Judy said in a sarcastic voice, “What do you think?”

“I didn’t think he was.”, John said, “I wanted to let him know that due to the department cutbacks initiated by him, they are sending some of us away to ‘train’ at other police departments. They are sending me away for three weeks… to Montreal! So, Jake should be happy. I’ll be out of his hair for a while.”


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