Who doesn’t hate mondays? there are people who look forward for the weekend to end so they can begin the next week at work.. they are the ones who iron their clothes on sunday night, put an alarm for 7 am, get into bed smiling and they close their eyes in peaceful slumber until the alarm rings again and they wake up to start the day with a smile. Im not like that. 

In fact people like that piss me off simply because i cant stand happy people on Monday mornings.

‘Hey gooooood morning! what a good day, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and a new week has begun’

“hey, please die.”

*awkward silence* 

 On sunday night I am dreading the weekdays, on weekdays i dread about the weekend being so far, on weekend I dread about it getting over and this constant cycle of dreading results to only one thing.. looking forward to weekends to dread the coming weekend. Not complicated at all but come on, weekends are simply gorgeous.. aaaahh the beautiful weekends.. when you can sleep till someone shouts at you that it is afternoon, where you wake up without worrying about clients and their insecurities towards their miserable existence. You biggest stress is getting late for breakfast which turns into lunch.  Then you look forward to the rest of the night which results in a sunday hangover with blurred memories of good times. Sometimes during weekend you get an enlightenment after discussing interesting topics for hours, Such questions are answered which even scientists and philosophers across the ages have not been able to answer, without going into detail the two biggest breakthroughs were when we realized :

A. All bird feathers found in the middle of a road are real. 

B. God is not a squirrel. (detailed diagrams exists of this breakthrough.)

All in all such things would not be possible without weekends. So this week, when you are roaming around the office all cheer and smiles, and you see a person who looks tired, sleepy cranky in the middle finger mode, in the office, Stay 2 feet away from him BECAUSE HE HAD A GOOD WEEKEND. 

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