Its about the tragedy of loosing a child to Sudden Infant death Syndrome.


A mother sits cradling her tiny infant in her arms as she hugs and kisses him for the very last time! She so very gently rocks her precious baby, while through streams of tears she attempts to confront a very shattering reality. Her heavenly child is dead and a deep part of herself dies with him. 

For those of us whom endure this devastating nightmare, we must struggle with loneliness, emptiness and an endless heartache each day. Our loss is a despair that tugs so deep, it is inexplicable. The endless darkened nights, filled with a steady stream of tears, awkened to embark on a futile search for our missing one. Our arms ache as we long to hold and kiss you. so instead we reach out to photographs that are so empty and still. Those pictures don’t hear our cries, feel our touch, or smile at our song. We smell your clothes, sleep with your blankets, and speak to your pictures for it is all we have left of you.

When the sunrises, we are faced with reality and another day. The sadness and emptiness engulf our very esscense as we remember you are not coming home. The toughest challenge is living without you for even one more day. Yet, we must continue so we may share you with the world. Though, attempts at living again are derailed by hopeless, depressive and tragic thoughts that echoe like thunder in our heads.

Suddenly, unexpectedly and tragically our cherished one is swept from our life. Yet, somehow we must learn to live and love again. This takes incredible courage, faith and strength as we come to an acceptance of their death. We will always cherish with fondness their memories and all the joy they brought us. The depth of our love shall never be replaced because we will never love this way again.

You came to us with laughter and love and took our hands. You loved with warmth and tenderness and captured our hearts. You waked amid stars and dreams and changed our lives. You left, after pain and tears and shattered our world. Now it is time to put our world back together one small step at a time.

Written By: Tara O’Grady
March 1987 After death of my daughter to SIDS


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  • Betty Carew on Nov 27, 2008

    tara, you have brought tears to my eyes and memories flooding back of a few years ago when my daughter lost her baby girl a day after she was born.she still mourns for this child even though she has two boys. one of them is mentally challenged but she is so happy she has him. like you her sorrow for this baby girl never leaves her but she continues on with daily life like the shinning star she is. i would like to say it gets better but for her i don’t think it will.she still wants her daughter. may God Bless and watch over you i’m sure your daughter is watching over you every day you live from a wonderful place.

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