My life before was a mess until I heard Bro. Eli exposing the greatness and the unspeakable loving kindness of the true God and the falsity of the many religions these last days, in his television program the, “Ang Dating Daan”, in English, “The Old Path”.

I Was Led to “The Old Path”

            As I was starting a new phase of my life alone, full of loneliness and hard feelings in this crowded City of Manila, where even in my wildest dream, I did not wish to reside, I tried to think of so many ways to avoid crying and feeling so desperate.  I go out with my female friends in the office, see movies, socialize, visit different places and watch television for long hours, read many books until sunrise, then tried to work and work until I could no longer notice the time.  As a Catholic, I even attended mass everyday, pray the block rosary, read the Bible in front of mass attendees, believing that I could mend my life with religious rituals and practices.  I even have gone to the point of visiting churches in far flung places, paying and giving cash just to be included in the prayers of those considered holy by men, such as the nuns, the priests, the monks and many others.

            I attended the gatherings of the El Shaddai, the different denominations of the Born Again, the Iglesia ni Cristo of Manalo, the Loved Flock of Crisologo, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Singles for Christ, and the healing masses of the many healing priests.  I explored them all.  I even led the praying of the rosary everyday in our office chapel and in miraculous places according to the belief of the misled.  I go to retreats and recollections in as far as Tagaytay and in different retreat houses in the Visayas and visited also Chinese churches.  I consulted Feng Shui experts, read books about Chinese beliefs up to the extent of consulting “Manghuhula” or “Seers or False Prophets”.  But still, after all those efforts and waste of money, I go home still feeling down, insecure, desperate and confused with so many questions in mind. 

When I could no longer contain my feelings, I end up crying in my bed wishing God would rescue me and straighten up my life according to His will.  The only good thing in me which I really thank God was that, I did not blame God in whatever situations I was into.  Instead, I blamed myself for being so confident and proud.  I recognized my sinfulness and inequities but the fear within me was getting worst day by day until one day, as I was fed up watching boring television programs and was about to sleep, a companion in the house whom I’m fed up too, turned the Channel to SBN 21 which at that time, the jingle for the television program of the “Ang Dating Daan” (“The Old Path”), was being played.  It caught my attention.  The perilous times that were shown in that program awaken my senses and tied me up to listen more and I waited for the host to come out and speak up.  It was the first time that I saw Bro. Eli Soriano, the Presiding Minister of the “Ang Dating Daan” on television and the feeling was really different compared to other religious programs that I had come across.

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  • raman13 on Oct 19, 2009


  • CEMANES Writes on Oct 20, 2009

    Thanks raman13. God Bless.

  • CEMANES Writes on Oct 21, 2009

    Thanks be to God and to Him all glory and honor.

  • sol on Nov 8, 2009

    May god bless you always. Thanks be to God!

  • CEMANES Writes on Nov 8, 2009

    Likewise Sol. Best regards and God Bless.

  • Angela on Jan 28, 2010

    Truly inspiring piece. A life of a Christian is really a wonderful roller coaster ride. God bless! :)

  • CEMANES Writes on Jan 29, 2010

    Thanks Angela. God bless you too!

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