During my school days, there were two boys in my class, Rajah and Rakish. Rajah was a good friend of mine.

Rakish was very possessive about Rajah as he was his only friend. He always had a fear that Rajah will break the friendship with him because of me. So, he always used to fight with me to prevent me from meeting Rajah. During those days, I was very innocent and couldn’t understand his real intentions. I even used to help him, whenever he wanted my help.

Finally, he was successful in weakening my friendship with Rajah after 9-10 months. It happened because of lack of interaction between me and Rajah. But, my attitude towards Rakish remained friendly.

I finally came to know about his feelings in one of our moral science class. In class, our teacher asked a question that is it possible to make a foe your friend? That time Rakish stood up and expressed all his feelings for me. That time I did not understood his feelings.

But, year after year whenever I recall that incident my understanding for his feelings improves. Later on, my friendship with Rajah also improved and we all three became good friends. However, I left my school next year and lost my touch with them. But, I still wish to meet them. But I don’t know how?

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  • song kiantun on Nov 3, 2008

    me and may2 were good friends,,
    then one night we with our three more friends went to may2’s house to finish a work,her house is so big and is beautiful so after our work i was watching over her house then suddenly i had open a room which in didnt know was a private room,,then when she saw me she suddenly got angry and begun in saying bad words nto me that hurted me so much,,coz she was the first one to do that to me,,then after that i started crying while walking to my house,,i became so angry with her,,but now after almost 2 and half months of war i feel like i already want to make friends with her,,what shall i do?

  • ur guide on Nov 16, 2008

    to song,

    i think you must just be frank with her. you must try to contact her. as the situation goes i think that distances between you and her are now somewhat increased after that incident.

    So, just directly having a long lengthy direct meet i won\’t be suggesting, since:
    – it might send a wrong impression in the mind of ur friend:
    – she might take this approach somewhat negative and distance between can further increase. since, she might be feeling that it is all ur fault for this whole break up. (however, my intuition says that if she considered you ur good friend then even she might be guilty consious of what she had done. however, she might be just hesistating to approach first.)

    so i suggest you that it is never wrong if u bend little bit for maintaining ur friendship. so, probably u shud try to contact her through email or by phone.
    i think sending some gud mail through email is a best option as this will show that u r interested in friendship and it will also prevent you to talk to her directly in case u don\’t have sufficient courage to talk to her.
    this way u can try and see how other person reacts. if she really want to be ur friend then surely she will reply. and then you both can follow on.

    else if she don\’t reply, then that means she is not worth to be ur friend. However, for ur satisfaction u can send 2-3 more mails or probably 0ne/ two phone calls.

    GOD FORBID! if second case happens then just forget her and carry on since their is no use of having those ppl around u who can\’t understand u.

    (Personally, even i had faced such situations, and i have seen that if some has to reply then he/she will reply in first attempt (or, max 2-3 attempts)else he/she won\’t reply. if you try to put too much pressure on him/ her then they will just consider you as a dog and not a friend. although ur might be able to resume chat with them but then then u will never get tehir respect. )

  • aloy on Dec 21, 2008

    i am somewhat in the same situation as u do, “ur guide”. I am getting a distance away from my 2 other friends, to the extent that everytime i tried asking them out, they will have some reasons for me every time.

    i admit that i am a little jealous sometimes that they are almost together every single day while i only see them once in a while. Sometimes, i don’t even see them once a month. I can’t deny the fact that they are busy, i am too. I tried asking them out, once, twice, a couple of times, but the usual “See First” answer does the trick.

    I always feel that they have more things to talk about between them or with other classmates than with me.

    Sometimes i even feel that “devil-may-care attitude” in them too. I don’t know, am i drifting too far from them? Do you even think they are my best friends or is it just a one-sided thing? Should i try closing the gap with them? Please help.

  • ur guide on Dec 21, 2008

    hi Aloy,

    From ur article I can decipher that ur both friends are avoiding you. Otherwise y would they always ignore you.

    But before i make up my final mind, i would like to know that did you guys have any kind of differences in past. Because from wht u have wrote…..it is a clear sign that that distance between you and them is increasing.

    If that is the case, then i would like to say that u must take a bold action by trying to have some direct chat with them.

    It is better if you can talk to them face to face else you call them up. Try to resolve your differences.

    This happens a lot of times that somethings which might appear insignificant to us might hurt others. So it is always better to try and talk to them.

    But, never ever loose ur self respect. Talk to them but then never show that u can\’t live without them. Show them that because they are your old friends thats y u are trying to clear any differences and not because you can\’t live without them. You are talking because you respect friendship and not because you are handicap without them.

    Just try it once and not twice. But, yes give them the indication that you can give them the time to think.

    If this works well and good.

    Otherwise you must carry on with your life, make them realize you are not a waste and they have made a mistake by loosing ur friendship. Just live life to ur fullest and u never know they might realize their mistake and will come back to you.

    I hope this article is helpful to you.

  • Aloy on Dec 22, 2008

    Thank you so much =)

  • sad som one... on Nov 28, 2010

    Well you see…
    my friends dumped me cause I am old they dumped me and make new friends ….

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