A wonderful story.

Come and take a bite before. Something for something. Anything.
I’ll go. I’ll go later.
Water dripped from the roof to a hole in the sand of the courtyard. Sounded: plasma, plasma, plasma and then again in the middle of a bay leaf that was spinning and rebounding stuck in the cleft of the bricks. Since the storm was gone. Now once in a while the wind shook the branches of the great rain dripping thick making, stamping the ground with bright drops then misted. Chickens, engarruñadas, as if asleep, suddenly shook its wings and went outside, picking fast catching the worms unearthed by the rain. Walking through the clouds, the sun light drew the stones, iridescent colors everything, drank water from the ground, playing with the air of the morning. - What, you do so in the bowl, boy?
Nothing, Mom.
-If you go there’s going to be a snake will bite you.
-If mom.
“I thought you, Susy. In the green hills. When we flew kites in the air time. We heard the rumor down there while we were living of the people above him, up the hill, while we was dragged hemp yarn by the wind. Help me, Susan.’ And soft hands were pressed into our hands. Drops more thread.
“The air made us laugh our heads together our eyes, while the running thread between the fingers behind the wind, until it broke with a slight crunch like it was bucking the wings of a bird. And up there, he paper bird fell into the ropes rag dragging his tail, lost in the greenery of the earth.
“Your lips were wet as if he had kissed the dew.”
I’ve told you to leave the toilet, boy.
Yes, Mom. I’m coming.
“Of you I remember. When you were there looking at me with your aquamarine eyes.”
She looked and looked at his mother’s door.
– Why take so long to leave? What are you doing here?
I’m thinking.
– And you can not do elsewhere? Is harmful to stay long on the potty. In addition, he must take care of something. Why do not you take your grandmother to shell corn?
I’m coming, Mom. I’m coming.
Grandma, I come to help shell corn.
-We’re done, but we do chocolate. Where have you been? All the while the storm lasted we went looking for you.
She was in the other yard.
– What were you doing? Praying ¿?
No, Grandma, I was just watching it rain.
Grandma looked at him with those gray eyes, half yellow, and that she had seemed to guess what was inside of one.
Go, then, to clean the mill.
“A hundred feet above all clouds, far, far beyond all, you’re hiding you, Susan. Hidden in the vastness of God behind his Divine Providence, where I can not reach you or see you and not reached by My words. “
Granny, the mill does not work, the worm has broken.
That must have ground Mica mulcts it. Do not go away that bad habit, but in short, has no remedy.
– Why not buy another? This is already so old and served.
-You are right. Although we did the cost to bury your grandfather and you have paid tithes to the Church we are left penniless. However, we will sacrifice and buy another. Would be nice if you were to see Dona Ines Villal and you asked what we trust in October. Pay it to crops.
-Yes, Grandma.
-And by the way, to do complete control over, tell us borrow a sieve and shears, with the plants that are grown and we simply get into the trisects. If I had my big house, with those big pen I had, I would not be complaining. But your grandfather Jere with cum here. All for God, never have to leave things as you want. Tell Mrs. Ago crops pay you everything you owe.
-Yes, Grandma.
There were hummingbirds. It was the time. You could hear the hum of their wings among the flowers of jasmine flowers that fell.
He walked around the ledge of the Sacred Heart and found twenty-four cents. He left and took the four to twenty cents.
Before leaving, his mother stopped him:
– Where are you going?
Ines Villal-Con for a new mill. The fact that we broke.
Tell me give you a black taffeta meter, like this, and gave the sample. To upload it to our account.

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