Macaulay Culkin Biography.

Macaulay Culkin was born in New York on August 26, 1980. Outstanding acting skills future actor began to take an early age. At the age of four parents of Macaulay on the advice of his friends recorded it in a drama school for children. The audience was thrilled with the talented kid scrambles to stand out from the crowd of actors peers.

In the end, he succeeds. In all senses. Soon, the charming baby face six Macaulay flashed on American television in various commercials. By ten years behind the little actor already had two bit parts in the film “Rocket Gibraltar” (1988) and “See you in the morning” (1989).

A key event in the life of Macaulay’s happened during his filming of another movie “Uncle Buck” (1989). It was on a movie set this picture, he met with Chris Columbus, anxious search for an actor for the lead role in his film “Home Alone” (1990). Five minutes of dialogue director enough to understand – Culkin, just someone who needed him.

On the eve of Christmas on cinema screens out comedy bestseller “Home Alone”. Painting was a resounding success, gathering in the world Cinemas around half a billion dollars. Fees resulting from Culkin, amounted to 100 thousand dollars – a tiny amount of success against the backdrop of the picture, and great against the background of all the previous earnings of the family. This work is a novice actor, the title of “Child of the Year” and many other awards in the category of best comedy actor of the year.

Offers family Culkin came in large numbers, everyone wanted to get to her Hollywood’s most popular boy. Around the same time, the father of Macaulay, realizing that the popularity of his son, 100,000 for the role are not that much money, re-classified its manager and part-time and the agent, personally conducting all negotiations and keeping track of all financial affairs of a minor son .

The results were not long in coming, for his role in the film “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” (1992) Macaulay was already 5 million. At first, everything went fairly well, 1.5 million father bargained for participation son in the movie “Good Son” (1993), and eight million for a role in the film “Along with my father” (1994) and “Richie Rich” (1994). As the most “precious” child actor Macaulay got the Guinness book. Soon, Mack abandoned his studies and, later, the theater, the time in which to work, the Hollywood super-star is simply no choice.

Young actor’s career was ruined by mediocre by his father, who was a little worried then, where will be shot by his son and how it will affect his future career. He’s preoccupied with only one thing – how much he gets for it. Razzie for her role in the film “settle accounts with his father” is the beginning of the end.

Culkin, Sr. played in an attempt to “smuggle” in a great movie of his two youngest children Cyrene’s son and daughter Quinn, he puts their participation in the paintings, one of the conditions on which the picture will play Culkin Jr.. Media joked, calling it “an attack on the Culkin clan of Hollywood, but tired of such impudence producers were not laughing, soon the invitation to the role of simply stopped coming. In June 1995, Macaulay’s parents disagree on the initiative of his mother.

Since then, the actor’s life is gradually improving, he finally took up his education, became interested in literature and philosophy. And in June 1998 decided to marry his same age, seventeen year old Rachel Miner. The marriage lasted only two years.

For six years, dormant professionally Macaulay attempted to return to the world of big movies in 2003, playing a major role in the crime comedy “The club craze. Attempt ended in failure, low-cost tape (5000000) can not be collected at the box office and one million. Following are two more roles in obscure pictures “Saved” (2004) and “Jerusalem Syndrome” (2004). Then a role in the television comedy «Foster Hall» (TV) and the last work, released directly to video for “Sex and Breakfast” (2007).

Dip a hand of an actor or continue to attempt to regain its former glory – it is still unclear….

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