I have a moose in my yard!

My husband and i were so exc,ited in being transfer to Alaska. We were  just outside north pole.Our tiny apartment was in the small little town of north pole. We enjoyed the town and the people so much. Time enton and i gave birth to my first and then a year later our second son was born. It was a time to discover new and exciting things. I loved the northern lights and  the wild life. Growing up in the north east you didn’t have things like moose ,bear and sled dogs. There was so much to see. It was like living in a different world, with all that snow, and it being so dark for about 6 months and during the other half light all the time. I remember people putting up foil in their windows to block the light. I never did, i didn’t want to miss a thing. Our family grew and we decided to get a bigger home. There on the outskirts of North Pole and near Fairbanks we found the perfect home. It was a log cabin and with large picture windows . The view was so breath taking. We watch the first snow flake to several feet deep of snow and it just kept coming. We had to remove the snow off the roof so it wouldn’t cave in. The boys Spent Limit time outside and playing .

We would build ice forts and mazes in the snow. The boys loved it. One day we saw tracks. Not rabbits but theses were bigger. We found out later what made these tracts.  Outside the picture window we would watch the rabbits play in the snow , chasing each other. They were so funny. The squirrels were playing outside on the porch railing. We would take crackers outside and feed them. Soon the squirrels became use to us and the free hand outs.They all had different personalities. One stayed to itself and we named him shy boy.The one that ate the crackers while we held them was called red. He had a reddish tint in his tail and he as bigger than the others. One day while we were getting the kids ready to go to their doctor visit we heard a banging noise outside. We looked out the window and saw the biggest animal i ever saw. I had seen them on TV shows but i could never imagine how big these animals really are. I looked as she slowly cross the yard and to our surprise she had twin calf”s with her. Now you think most babies are small, not the moose calf’s. They were big. Ill  try and let you know how big. We had a back door with a diamond shape window in it. The window was about 2 feet across and 2 feet long. The window was on the upper part of the door about 2 inches from the top. The door was thicker then most to keep the cold out.

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