Chapter three.

Thanks from Celtex for sponsoring this segment. They had a good product one drop in and ounce of water and you felt like a new person it cured dry skin and baldness and hart failure and the clap. That is why we bought the company 1500 years ago. Now back to the story.

Cloning has been around for centuries. If you look in the history files and se Dolly the Sheep, you will see the evidence that this technology was on the mark in those days. But the public had reservations about it. So the research went on and the people were kept in the dark. Human cloning was a bad idea to grow a needed part for your self and then use it was killing, and the people didn’t like it. 

But the wars third and fourth world wars had long lasting effects. People were sick and injured with missing arms and legs and blind form blast exposure, etc and we had to look at regeneration. So Celtex and Regenex were established and we began to grow and regenerate the body’s of the wounded and dieing so the world could go on. At first it took two years to grow parts, but the Genex 4000 can grow parts in four minuets. And attach then in working condition in twelve minuets. We have very satisfied customers, and we are always looking for referrals.

Not everyone signs a long term contract, but the longer it is the less likely that we will have any maintenance problems, because as long as the contract is in traumatic war injuries, blindness effect, we cover the cost and replacement of all parts and procedures. A happy client is a satisfied client. And so as we have seen Regenex has rebuilt the society that we live and work in today. They serve the One and we serve them. 

And no another word form our sponsor, Rejuviderm, for dry to dead skin.

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