Information is power, this is my way of saying Knowledge is power. I recently came across some facts about HPV and although I may be at fault for being in the dark all this while, there may be people who need to know this too – Men and Women alike.

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My name is Janes and I hail from Caleudeene Island. I was recently diagnosed with cancer. Though not a new thing but it took me time to absorb the news that I caused this particular cancer. At least from my investigations and research I have found this to be true, only that it may be too late to use this knowledge for myself. However you can glean from whatever it is you see in this piece, do some investigations and decide for yourself whether it is true or not.

When  I was told by a nurse friend of mine that I may have gotten cervical cancer from my hyperactive mating habits my first reaction was a no way! However as time passes now, I’m getting more convinced that it may actually be the case.

The actual culprit is a virus called HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). This little pest is responsible for most cases of cervical cancer known and many other cancers particularly related to the reproductive genitalia such as Anal Carcinoma, Penile Cancer – associated with the male phallus and oro-pharyngeal cancer which is typically associated with the mouth and throat.

It will make more sense if HPV is first introduced as the cause of the more common Genital warts, which is itself a literal abnormal growth of some portions of the skin in the ano-genital regions of the body (areas around the anus or genitals). When I thought of this, I was then able to relate it to abnormal growths in the body, especially on surfaces such as the mouth, throat and cervix. Those areas are tenderer, without hair or any other forms of protection. So if HPV can induce abnormal cell proliferation on the exposed surfaces like the anus or genitals, it definitely makes sense that it will do the same when it gets onto the body surfaces that are not as exposed. My thinking was somehow validated when I read somewhere that there were about 100 types of HPV and of these 40 types were known to infect the ano-genital portions of the body.

HPV as I later found out was spread primarily by sexual contact and more interestingly the common barrier methods of protection against STIs are not very effective in preventing transmission to other partners. Another source mentions the relationship between this gremlin and oral and throat cancers. Interestingly they were able to prove that some of these cancers had nothing to do with smoking (as smoking is also a major cause of mouth and throat cancers.) At some point I became really scared knowing that these micro-killers are out there and not many people knew its dynamics.

It may not be a big deal, after all people live with genital warts so what! I know that, but I’ve seen some gruesome pictures too I the course of my search for a better understanding of this thing called HPV and what its mission was in the human body. People have had their anuses completely blocked, mutilated phalluses, and worse still cancer.

I may not be a physician but this little I’m able to say, you can get cancer from sex and If you don’t believe me search for yourself. With all these diseases flying around it makes sense to abide by that slogan abstinence is the best policy. And I am SCREAMING it out ABSTINENCE from sex outside marriage will protect you from cancer… if you stay faithful to your marriage vows.

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  • Darla Beck on Sep 13, 2009

    Interesting article.

  • Ruby Hawk on Sep 14, 2009

    I\’m very sure it\’s true. the vacination will save a lot of lives.

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