A brief description and an autobiography of a Watch.

I was born some ten years ago at a small town in Switzerland. My makers were famous for their skill all over the world; and consequently, as soon as I saw the light of day, I was shipped with a large family of brothers and cousins to Calcutta. There I lay in a showcase for some time, being taken out and exhibited occasionally to would be purchasers, who all found me too dear for them.

At last came a young man, about 17 years old, accompanied by an elderly gentleman whom I afterwards knew to be his father. From their talk, I learnt that the boy had just passed the Higher Secondary Examination, and the father had come for a good watch as a present to him. The boy took a fancy to me, and I was transferred from the showcase to his wrist. How happy he looked as he walked out of the shop with his new treasure! He showed me with considerable pride to his friends, who all praised my shape and brightness and congratulated him on his possession. He wound me punctually to the minute every day and kept me carefully shut up in the drawer except when he went out. Gradually we became so found of each other as to be almost regarded as inseparable friends.

After three or four years, my master one day failed to wind me at the appointed hour. I felt surprised; but the surprise was soon changed into anxiety when I learnt that he was down with cholera. I heard doctors coming in and going away, hushed voices all over the household and anxious enquiries, throughout the day. My heart began to fail, and when at midnight piteous cries announced the end, I fell into a swoon.

How long my fit lasted I can’t say; but, on opening my eyes, I found myself on the hand of a lad of about 14 whom I at once recognized to be the brother of my last owner. It appeared that I had been transferred to him, and though still smarting under the recent shock, I accepted the change with a good heart. He was a bright boy and loved his brother very much. So he began to take the utmost care of his brother memento and would not allow anybody else to touch me.

I am still with him. His fond care has completely restored my health and brought me back to the hope of many years of useful service still.

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