Growing up, I have had a lot of tremendous events happen to me which I still have problems coping with to this day.

Today I have had a horrible day and decided to write a journal, (I guess). My purpose of doing so is to hopefully relieve some of these emotions and not feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown or something. You see, it is not just everything that has happened today, I think honestly, that my entire life has just kept building up all these held in emotions and I feel as if I am about to explode.

When I was born on September 9, 1983, it should have been a great day; after all it is Adam Sandler’s birthday. My mom wanted a girl so badly but the doctors told her that they believed I was going to be a boy. My great-aunt had told my mom that I would be a girl and my mom said that if I was she would name me after her. Obviously, I turned out to be a girl so my mom just added an “a” to the end of my aunt’s name and came up with Arlena.

My mother had a very long agonizing labor for 2 weeks total and the last hours of the labor being the most crucial of all. My heart had stopped beating three times and my mother’s one time. As my mother began to push, my head got stuck and that is when the medical staff had discovered that I was actually to big to be delivered naturally, but my mother did it. Although I looked like a cone head from the forceps grasping my head too tightly and forcing my body through the birth canal, my mother and I were both alive and healthy.

By the time I was five years old, my mom and dad were getting divorced. By this time, I had two sisters, Cassie and Betty, and one brother, George. We lived primarily with my mom and went to visit my dad on the weekends. My mom still was not very old. She had me at the age of sixteen so five years later would have only made her twenty one years old.

So at twenty one years old, my mom was getting divorced with four children me being the oldest at five years old. We lived in a decent house although I don’t recall my mom working at all, from what I have heard; she collected child support and welfare to support us.

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