Growing up, I have had a lot of tremendous events happen to me which I still have problems coping with to this day.

I got to the stand and looked at all these strangers around me. There were lawyers, Judges, the prosecuting attorney I had met with many times, and my dad, and everyone else were strangers. A lot of strangers sitting there staring at me anxiously. It was as if they were expecting a monster to pop out of my body or something. I remember sitting up there and being very surprised that I didn’t see John there. I thought I seen his twin brother Paul there, but not him.

I remember Marsha Ashdown (the prosecuting attorney) asking me some questions. She was very calm and nice to me. I answered her questions even though it was like a knife going through me to rehash all of these memories.

Then an older lady came to ask questions. She was scary looking. You could smell cigarette smoke on her, her fingers were yellow looking, and she had wrinkles all over her body. When she would shake her arms at me, the bottoms of her arms would just continue to bounce back and forth, even after she stopped shaking her arms.

She did not act like the first lady did. She was mean. She kept getting up in my face. I can remember thinking of how bad her breath smelled. As she was asking me questions, I was answering them to the best of my ability. Then, she began questioning me about the time I told my mom and what my mom said to me about locking my door before I went to bed.

She started telling my I was lying, that my bedroom door didn’t have a lock on it. I began to cry. The Judge told her to back away from me and she would briefly before she would be back up at me screaming in my face. I expected to see green streams of bacteria to start streaming from her breath.

She took some pictures and threw them in front of me. They were pictures of my bedroom door and low and behold there was no lock on the door in the picture. I began to cry. I pointed to my dad out in the audience and said,” ask my daddy, he used to live there, my bedroom door had a lock on it.” I continued to look at my dad. I saw tears streaming down my dad’s face. He knew I was telling the truth, he knew they were trying to trick me. The Judge once again, screamed at the attorney to back off and for her to keep in mind that she was speaking to an eight year old child not an adult. She did so, and then she asked me if I seen John Robinson in the room anywhere. I looked and just as I had observed earlier, I told her that I did not see John although I did see his twin brother Paul. John was always the rough, ragged one with facial hair and kept his hair long. Paul was always clean shaven with short hair. Paul was fun, he used to play with us all the time, and bring us home pizza from the pizza shop he worked at.

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