Growing up, I have had a lot of tremendous events happen to me which I still have problems coping with to this day.

The next morning my Aunt called my dad and she informed me that my dad was on his way to get me. My dad brought “old blue” to pick me up. It was an old blue ford pickup truck he had for years. That truck was his pride and joy. My dad took me straight to the hospital.

I remember at the hospital, a lady doctor having me lay on the hard, cold bed with no clothes on. I was real scared at this point. She had my legs spread onto stirrups, with a blue sheet over my legs. My dad sat in the chair that was sitting right beside my bed. This was weird because I was a wreck and my dad didn’t show emotion very often so it was like day and night reactions to what was going on. I remember him just sitting there, quietly and as white as a ghost. The doctor asked me if I wanted my dad to leave the room. I looked over at my dad sitting beside me and although I was scared beyond belief, I still felt safer than I had in a long time. I started to cry while grasping my father’s hand and said underneath my sobbing that I needed my dad to stay with me. He did.

I know that day had to be one of the hardest days of his life, especially considering the findings. The findings were severe enough to where we left the hospital and went straight to the State Police station.

I recall talking to many people there and a lot of people writing. The next year to me I do not have any constant recollection of anything; I just remember here and there incidents.

Life was totally different for me now. My brother and sisters were with me, but it was still different. I still felt sad most of the time. It seemed as if the only time I felt like I was partly normal, is when I was with my grandma Betty. Grandma Betty was my dad’s mom. She was the sweetest old lady a person could ever meet.

My dad met this woman, named Tish. Tish had a son named Tristan who was only 13 days older than me. Tristan mainly hung around Sonya, who was Tish’s little sister that was actually younger than Tristan and I. Then you had Tish’s mom, Ginger. Ginger and Grandma Betty lived right across the street from each other.

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