Growing up, I have had a lot of tremendous events happen to me which I still have problems coping with to this day.

The next day I was in Ginger’s house with Tristan and Sonya and my dad was outside working on something, as usual. Sonya and Tristan began to taunt and tease me once again. Anytime there was no authority figure around them, that is just what they did. Sonya picked up a small glass bottle. It looked as if it was one of the single shot whiskey bottles or something. She pulled her arm as far back as she could, and then came down on my head with that bottle.

The impact of the bottle on my head shattered the bottle. I thought to myself, “great here comes another headache.” It hurt enough to make me cry. I ran outside and told my dad what had happened with tears streaming down my face. I got in trouble for tattling. That is what always happened to me. I would get into trouble for tattling, instead of the brats getting into trouble for hurting me all the time.

Well then, one day, the horrible news came, they were getting married. This is the last thing that I wanted to hear. They decided to have the wedding at my Cousin Gary’s house. Gary was a paper boy; I guess you would call him although he was well into his early 40’s. Gary was delivering newspapers in the icy weather one day and fell and broke his leg. My dad and Tish really wanted him at the wedding so they decided to just get married at Gary’s house so he could be there. It worked out good though, because our cousin was a preacher and she is the one who married them.

Dad and Tish tried to leave all of us with Ginger while they got married; they had decided that they didn’t want any kids at their wedding. I, as usual, walked over to Grandma Betty’s house and asked her if I could stay with her during the wedding. She called and talked it over with my dad and my dad agreed. Finally, a little relief.

The wedding day came around and I realized that my Grandma Betty was faced with a tough decision. You see, my dad and Tish did not want any kids attending their wedding, but that would mean that my Grandma Betty could not go to the wedding. My Uncle Sam got to Grandma Betty’s house to pick her up and take her to the wedding. Grandma decided to call my dad. I remember her saying very sternly through the phone,” Harley, you left her with me; either I bring her with me or neither one of us come to this wedding”. She hung up the phone and said, “Come on let’s go.”

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