A Suspense Thriller Breaking the Boundaries in Defining True Love.

The Eleventh Room


                “Music was playing in the background, enveloping the whole scenery and magnifying the loneliness of that very moment in my life. Mournful, dark with no place else to go, wherein escape is inevitable, as I slowly close my eyes and light swallows the darkness. My dream has fallen; my life was fading away, what else then is left?”

                Isle Island is a simple 22 years old girl whose only dream is to be married and have a family with longtime boyfriend and now fiancé Red Grey, after she gets her dream job which is to be a junior editor in a publishing firm, she has spent her entire time being a magazine writer of a showbiz column, writing gossips which never really gave her any sense of fulfillment, for her dream is to be able to publish a book she believes in and be its editor.  She never lost sight of this dream that’s why she has been applying to different firms for the past 2 years but never really gotten anywhere, today she was at home waiting for a call from the Green Books Publishing Firm the one she applied for about a week ago, she anxiously paces back and forth and waits on beside the phone anticipating that one important call for she has been offered an Editor post for the Magazine she was working for and if she doesn’t receive this call she would accept the job offer and forget her dream of becoming a Book editor.

Isle: (Stares at the phone) “Ring Please Ring!”

Red: (Laughingly said as he walks toward Isle) “Isle no matter how you stare at that phone, you don’t have telepathic abilities to make it ring Ha-ha”

Isle: (Turned her eyes sharply at Red and said with a calm emotionless voice) “If I don’t receive this call I’ll decide not to marry you.”

She said those words bluntly, and Red was taken aback now very much nervous for Isle is the love of his life. Isle continues to stare at him with no emotion whatsoever, Red acknowledging how serious the situation is that even his future lies in this call, Sat down beside Isle and is now staring at the phone as well.

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  • Geri Thrysseduval on Sep 20, 2012

    can’t believe this piece already got more than a hundred views, I am one happy writer, hope someone would drop a comment about what they think of the story. :)

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