The life and story of Batista’s claim to fame.

David Michael Batista was born on January 18, 1969 in Arlington Virginia. His heritage is Greek and Filipino, his mom being Greek and his dad being Filipino. As a child Batista was poor and had a very harsh child hood, he has witnessed at least three deaths on his lawn. At the age of 13 Batista was already stealing automobiles, and he wasn’t ashamed to say it. But as he persevered through his hard years, he still had dreams of becoming a body builder. In one of his interviews he admitted that his mom was lesbian and his dad was a hard working man.

Around the age of 17 to 18 Batista went his own way and broke away from his parents. Later on he tried out at WCW Power Plant but he was told that he would never make it. After taking a fall Batista went to WWF, then he was sent to the school of Wild Samoan Training. Still having trouble Batista tried hard and intensively to make his debut in the wrestling business. Around the year 2002 Batista made his debut into the WWF making it his first time on Smackdown. Randy Orton challenged Batista several times but he failed in each attempt even with different partners. Batista was getting sick of his partner (D-Von), so he eventually turned on him. Soon he was rebranded to Raw and had started a feud there with Kane. In 2004 Batista joined evolution containing Rick Flair, Triple H and Randy Orton. They all had a great run but their friendship began to be destroyed. Going into 2005 Batista won a World Heavy weight championship on April 3.

Soon after Batista won, he went back to Smackdown as the new World Heavy Weight champion. Sadly on January 9 Batista tore his right triceps in a match with Mark Henry, causing him to vacate the title. Coming back a few months after surgery, Batista was up and ready to go. In 2007 Batista reclaimed his title from Mr. Kennedy in the Royal Rumble. Two months later he lost his title to the Undertaker who was the winner of the next Royal Rumble. Eventually The Great Khali began a feud with Batista, fighting him each chance he got. Khali became the champion after a while and beat Batista in a Battle Royal for the World Heavy Weight Title. After fighting the Great Khali several times’s Batista reclaimed his title. Sadly Batista lost his title in a triple threat against Edge and Undertaker, making it the end of his third title reign. Till this day Batista Is still is wrestling in the WWE now on Raw doing what he does best. Being the Animal!     


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  • mahmud on Mar 14, 2009

    I love batista

  • Wylrhyss Terrado RN on Aug 1, 2010

    Long time since I watched wrestling.

  • ali on Feb 20, 2011

    he is my life ideal he is best in the world

  • ajay on Jun 15, 2012

    the animal the man who have real guts batista we miss u come
    back and forget all the bad thing\’s happen to u remeber the match triple h weast man in wwe undretekar crowned world hevywihte chompion

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