The second part of serenity and xion stories.

It had been a few years sense the incident were the girl was revealed to be the missing princess but the war had not ended. The girl’s hair had grown back very long it was down to her waist. She was roughly now only about thirteen. She had become very close to her twin brother but she did not return his deep feelings for her. She felt sense they were siblings it would be very wrong for them to emotionally care for each other as she accidently did before the truth was known. This took a heavy toll on her heart. She was paired off with another young man a prince to the other kingdom. The reason for this was to help stop the war. The problem was it did not stop it and would not till the marriage took place but even then she feared the war would continue sense her twin brother held lustful feelings toward her. Her light brown hair was tied back with a gold hair tie. She had on a white dress that which would like from the renaissance time period and around the middle a golden sash. She also had on a golden crown and golden wrist bands. It was clear she was royalty. It was hard for her to get used to such a life style. She would often travel secretly which was a heavy mistake on her part. Under her was a large volcano. It was very hot you could see the yellow, red and orange color to it. There was a brown broken up bridge as well. There were some men that spotted her. One of the men unluckily for her had black wings he pushed her down and she hit the volcano hard. She took out her dagger and pushed it at the man’s wings. The man pushed the girl’s wrist roughly and you could hear a snap. “Well, look what we have here, a little princess all by herself, boys let’s have some fun with her what do you say” the man said with a very dark smile. Then her twin brother came and so did the man she was to marry one day. Serenity’s eyes were filled with tears. Xion was upset that the man who marries his twin sister would stop the violence he wanted to save his sister to prove his love to her. Serenity ran to her brother’s side. Her brother looked at her sadly and she put her head down. Xion would dare not tell his twin sister about the elf girl he recently meets who made him very happy. The poor so close yet so far. In any case the man she was to marry told Xion to take his twin sister home. The two did not dare talk to one another because they knew how they felt. Xion kissed Serenity roughly. Serenity blushed a deep red she could fill her heart beat she could not fight how she felt. The two started to be very passionate toward one another. Then Odin walked into his room his face filled with anger as he broke the two up. “Xion, do not ever touch your sister that way again, and Serenity I want you to start Valkery training first thing in the morning.” Serenity cried once Odin and Xion left the room it would be one of the last times she would cry she was very confused and deeply hurt.  To be contined….

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