Wisdom isn’t easy, you can’t learn it like maths – you gain it through life. Just some tips on what I think wise people know.

I think to be wise is to have experienced lots. You don’t have to be smart but knowing these things can help you at least SEEM wise. 

Continents, Countries and Major Cities: 

Know the names, the areas… No detail needed just the basics..

Different types of Wildlife: 

I´m not telling you to learn every type of rain forest tree and animal, just dandelion,mint and field mouse. There is actually a big difference – they´re are relevant and rain forest trees are not. Unless you live in a rain forest of course.

Know some disorderly things: 

People often find things that they don´t know interesting. Learn some rare words but remember RELEVANCE! Learn names of foods, furniture and weather patterns, expand your vocab with new verbs!. Have you ever really known what ´inept´means.

I always find the really wise people know humanities well – geography and history.

You´re probably either panicking ,  googe-ing´field mouse´right now´, thinking you don´t know anything or chillin´ knowing that your already very wise.

Either way there could always be more learning in order to achieve a state of all… wiseness?….

Have fun!!

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