If you are asked why do you love your daughter, could you name a thousand reason for that?
Or maybe you just need to describe one simple yet beautiful reason …

It was a nice Sunday afternoon, when I met a best friend at her warm and lovely house. We talked together as I watched her cute little daughter playing with their dog.
I smiled at her funny acts, and then said to my best friend, “You must love her very much”.

And my friend replied in certain tone,”Of course!”

I watched her again, and continue talking,”Your little girl is so easy to be loved. I bet you can name a thousand reason why you love her”.
She laughed in return.
Then she answered slowly but still in the same certain tone,”I could have named a thousand reason to love her, but the truth is there only one reason for me to love her”.
Then she smiled to me and continue,”I love her because she is my daughter. That’s the one and only reason.
If I love her because she is beautiful, then if one day something bad happen and she is not beautiful anymore, my love will fade away.
If I love her because she is kind, then if someday she turn naughty, I wouldn’t be able to love her anymore.
If I love her because she is smart, if suddenly she can’t catch up with her lessons, then I would not care for her anymore.
But my love is unconditional. I purely love her because she is my baby.
If she is being kind, helpful, smart and funny, it won’t affect my love for her, but in addition, I will be very happy for that.
If she is being naughty, demanding and mean, it wouldn’t affect my love for her either, but of course, in addition, I will be very sad and disappointed. But still, my love for her would remain”.

I was so amazed by the answer. So surprised and touched.
What a beautiful description of a mother’s love. Unconditional.

We are all God’s children. And I believe God’s love can be more beautiful then the love which had been described by my best friend.
God’s love for us is also unconditional.
He loves us, because we are His children. That’s the one and only reason.
Everything else which will come up is only the “additional”.

If God already loved us unconditionally, what have we done in return?
Have we made Him happy or sad and disappointed?

The choice is ours. What shall we do in return to His unconditional love?

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  • Alyssa on Aug 15, 2009

    Beautiful, great article!!!

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