Flash Fiction.

I stumbled upon a site that does flash fiction and decided to give it a try.

A Full Moon

She was supposed to meet him here, in the park, after work. She was quite a bit late. She pulled her jacket closer around her and glanced up into the sky. Tonight’s full moon was almost glaringly bright and lit the path before her.

At the center of the park, there was a stone bench lit by a tall lamp post. The year’s last remaining crickets chirp loudly into the crisp air. She stood under the light, wondering where he could be. It was almost midnight.

Behind her, there was a rustling along the treeline. All of a sudden she could see several pairs of eyes peeking out of the gloom. They glowed from the lamp post light. She turned and there he was, or at least she thought it was him.

Bryan was slowly coming to a stand from a kneeling position. He was naked, not a stitch of clothing on him. On either side of the trail, within the forest, came rustling with a few yips and barks.

“I don’t know what game you are playing-” she started. She held her hand out in front of her as if to ward off what she felt coming. Her breath was caught in her throat, burning with every gasp.

“Now Clara, just a moment, please,” Bryan said in a velvety soft voice. A howl burst into the night, bringing goosebumps to Clara’s flesh. “It only takes a scratch,” he said with a smile.

Her eyes grew wide, wanting this to be true. All the stories he has told over the past couple of months – she thought they were just stories. But, before she could say another word, he leaped towards her.

Her scream was cut off abruptly by the howling of the wolves all through the forest.

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