Ever wonder what Runescape would be like if it were futuristic, had guns, and the HAM (Humans Against Monster) were challenged by a new rival the MAH (Monsters Against Humans) and they were constantly fighting? Well this is your chance, follow erthgy, drewdagamer1, Coandy99, izzy 564 as well as plenty of other characters in this mind boggling story.

Chapter One: He Clenched His Gun

He clenched his gun, he knew they were coming, he could remember his childhood he had, until he was instructed into the dreaded ham organization. He remembered his beautiful wife remembering his 2 children, and how they were roughly instructed in the junior, (noobish for lower levels) ham organization. He remembered how he and his buddies in his squad fought together and some; died together, He could remember his fighting in the wild from level 1-10 clearing out ALL monsters spawns. He even remembered his arm getting bit off by a level 27 skeleton when he tried to stab it with a dds; and getting a new (mechanical) arm.

                            Suddenly he saw the enemy,”hmm just another annoying goblin messenger! But just to be sure, ill shoot it with a tranquilizing dart” was his thought as he shot it with a dart and approached it and took the message and he opened it, it read:

 Filthy humans!!! We will totally overrun you with our goblins, knights, scorpions, skeletons and even our dragons!!!! Surrender now or, as painfully as possible we will kill you.

Signed, general wart face and general bent nose p.s: we invented the g-bomb!!!

             He tore the letter apart. although he didn’t understand what a g-bomb was he still knew that, the goblins and MAH  (monsters against humans and other way around “from ham”) was much weaker then the ham side. He ran back to his base, (chaos rune spawn level 30 some wild) and told the commander of his encounter.

    “Sir, we need some troops down at the black knight’s fortress!”

I’ll send some down, erthgy izzy and drewdagamer1; you must go down there and help them (with the troops under u of course)

      Once the desperately needed troops arrived, a HUGE FLAME CAM WHIRLING STRAIGHT AT THEM!  Shields up! Yelled someone and the antifire shields went up just in time to shield them from the huge fire blast. Then almost instantly the men pulled out their automatics and shot down hundreds of dragons and black knights.

izzy564, erthgy and drewdagamer1 were assigned to go to the base with the loot.

    So they went off! when almost they reached the base a huge moss giant level 105 pooped out and knocked out izzy and roared at drew and erthgy. “We have to teleport” said erthgy. “But what about izzy?” questioned drew. “Hmm your right I know! I’ll chuck a flare grenade to blind the monster while you get izzy and I’ll meet u outside of the flare.” “Good idea!” said drew as he picked up izzy while erthgy chucked the flare at the monster.

        “huh, glad we’re out of that!” said drew. “Well, I think it was harsh that…

“WH-where am I?” questioned izzy as he woke up. Hey look over there! General bent nose and a few goblins are being surrounded by the ham members! said erthgy as he, drew and izzy took out their mage stuff and maged general bent nose but all of a sudden he put on his prayer and everyone around him, or that made melee contact with him were struck with a 22 and some even died. Catapults! Yelled general bent nose as goblins almost magically popped out of a tunnel and brought 100’s of catapults with them. Scores of goblins were loaded onto the catapults while others cleared the ham members away from the catapults.

    ‘Fire!” yelled bent nose as suddenly, hundreds of goblins were launched at the humans with drawn out stretched swords. Hundreds of humans were slaughtered when suddenly general Co Andy yelled, “archers fire flaming arrows at the catapults! Mages bind! Warriors charge!

The alphabetic synthesis passes the constituent behind the assuming ace.

Liked it
  • Explosion853 on Sep 11, 2009

    Really good story.That wouls be great but I heard that JaGeX is making a futristic mmo.

  • erthgy on Sep 12, 2009

    Thank you man :D . Believe it or not I wrote this during study halls in class and a while back I decided to type it up.

    Is Jagex really making a futuristic MMO? When is it coming out? (I’ve never heard of any announcements about this.)

  • erthgy on Sep 13, 2009

    The alphabetic synthesis passes the constituent behind the assuming ace.

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