This is continued from When I was Normal.

Here’s links to the first two parts.

Who Am I Now?

When I Was Normal

Rogue woke abruptly startled out of sleep by her strange nightmare. “You alright there, girl?” A strange man sitting a few rows ahead of her looked back and asked.

“Yeah, ah fine,” she said.

It was still a long ride, and she was still tired. She closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep. All she wanted now were pleasant dreams, but she wasn’t going to get her wish.

Little Anna Marie woke to find herself locked in a cell. She was lying on a small cot on the floor. There was very little light, and Anna Marie hated the dark. There was a dank smell that made her sniffle. She was shivering and wrapped herself in the thin gray blanket that lay on the cot. She looked around not being able to see much of anything. She cried quietly like a whimpering animal. She was frightened and alone, not knowing where she was.

The little noise she made didn’t go unnoticed. Through her tears she heard a voice. “Please, don’t cry, ma petite Cherie.” She looked over towards the direction of where the voice was coming from. She saw a boy in the cell next to hers. She crawled across the concrete floor until she reached him. Tears were still in her eyes. Vous êtes trop assez de crier (translation: You’re too pretty to be crying.)

“Ah’m sorry. Ah don’t understand,” she said drying her tears.

“Don’t cry, petite,” he said. “Dey see you cryin’, dey hurt you more.”

“But ah’m scared,” Anna Marie said as the tears filled her eyes.

“Be brave,” he said, taking her hand through the bars. “I’ll get you out a dis. Got a plan, an’ we both escape.”

“How?” she asked. She looked deep into the boy’s eyes, noticing for the first time the deep red hue of his irises. She gasped in surprise at seeing them. He turned away suddenly. “What’s wrong?”

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