Chapter two
A Fan fiction of the video game Assassin’s Creed.

Ezio’s hands wrapped around the man’s neck quickly in a choking fashion. The guard was unable to scream or let out any noise.
“I will let go of your throat if you swear to be quiet and not say a word.” Ezio whispered into the guard’s ear.
The guard nodded slowly as much as he could.
“Try anything funny and it will be the end of your life.” Ezio reminded
Ezio’s hands slowly came off the throat and the guard obeyed the rules.
“Now tell me where I can find the one known as The Banker” Ezio asked.
“I have never heard of that name in my life I swear!” The guard pleaded.
“The one I seek works for the Borgia just as you do. You must know!” Ezio grew impatient.
“No I do not know I have never heard the name, please spare my life!”

Ezio knew the man was telling the truth but he could not risk letting him live and the possibility that he could alert the other guards of the encounter. Ezio sprang the hidden blade into the guard’s abdomen slowly and his eyes slowly rolled back. The guard patrol positions would not change for a few hours, Ezio left the body where he had killed it knowing that it would not be discovered for awhile. The encounter had left him with little information about the one he seeks. The Banker was responsible for the death of his Mother and Sister, the last family he had. Their deaths would not go without vengeance as his Father’s and brothers deaths had! Ezio swore to never have such hatred or the taste for revenge again but he just could not let his unnamed man go without trouble for the crime he had commited upon the Auditore family.

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