Sandara is freaking out…

Dara, get hold of your freaking sanity okay?

    I finished up the water from the bottle and lazily looked around and realized everyone was busy talking at least with one member of the other groups. Then it hit me! Reality hit me point blank. I may be the crazy and clumsy, ex stalker of Jiyong Kwon…but I’m one heck lucky to be where I am now.


    fan in the world









    I am right this very second.


Daesung and Seungri were enjoying chatting with SunMi and SoHee, while TOP or SeungHyun, Taeyang, and Jiyong are spending their bonding time with 2PM guys.

But then again, will they wish to have my life? I mean, MY LIFE?

F.uck! Dara being emo again.

If only I can put into words the emotions that’s been drowning my chest I would. But no words could really describe it—I stopped and blinked.

F.uck! I was staring at Jiyong Kwon this whole time? Damn! Now I look psychotic. I smiled guiltily at surprised Jiyong Kwon

I groaned and looked away. “Oh, F.cuk!” I murmured. I never failed to embarrass myself…Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Damn! I’m so freaking confused and embarrassed that it’s freaking driving me crazy. Taking another swig from the water bottle I was holding, I looked around, trying to get a feel for what was ahead for me. Yeah, I have to be ready, the night was definitely young and anything could happen, I’m pretty sure they didn’t just bring me here to for nothing, right? I stopped as I felt my phone vibrating.

I took my phone out my pocket and pressed the button. “Girl, when are you going to talk to Jiyong oppa?”

Just great. My suspicions were right all along. Why didn’t I think of it the moment they smiled at me and asked permission from umma? I have to braced myself. Too late for me to run. Oh, God…

I took a glance at SunYe and her equally Wonderfully and Sneaky Girls Yubin and YeEun. Why do I feel so anxious having them hanging with these guys? I should be afriad…be very afraid.

I groaned and I drowned myself with water. No soju for me, thank you very much! I don’t want to relive the night where I made a fool of myself in front of Wonder Girls.

I sighed, for now the only person that can be my shield would be Park JaeBum. Yes, I can forget killing him, if he would just keep his pretty lips shut even just for tonight. Speaking for Park JaeBum…where the heck is he? He can’t leave me alone, right? God, he’s freaking nowhere?! He can’t be possibly flying off to Indonesia to get just a bowl of cashew nuts…Besides he has no right to leave me alone; he’s my appointed shock absorber. He should…damn!

“Dara, you’re panicking.” I grabbed another bottle of water and drank it down. I am freaking the hell out. Okay, Dara think of anything that can make your mind wander. Think of anything.

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  • jaysonv on Dec 28, 2009

    Wow! great post.. Thanks for sharing this Friend. Very interesting to read.

  • daragon is on Dec 30, 2009

    please update! i love your story! keep it up!:)

  • mashpotato on Dec 31, 2009

    hey there! i’m a ’stalker’ of this fic and i la-la-love it to bits. please do update us soon. thanks and a happy new year to you! :D

  • Regina on Dec 31, 2009

    I seriously LOVE your fanfic~ Update more! I can’t get enough of this.

  • teriyaki18 on Jan 3, 2010

    @daragon — thanks! i hope you already read the latest chap of this fic. ^^

    @mashpotato –thanks for la-la-loving this fic to bits! this would be my fave written fic too…lol so you already read the latest chap? ^^

    @Regina– thanks for loving this fic…^^ i opsted the latest chap. you read it?

    ^^ thanks again!

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