A microfiction about a man searching to become more than he is.

​He longed to be more than he was.  To soar through the cosmos as pure energy neither wholly being nor nothing.  He dreamed of such a transformation, one that would allow him to transcend himself and his species.  How to achieve this?  From his lessons he remembered his instructors advice “As it is thought, so it becomes.” Of course.  The human imagination is the source and the end.  Poking away in his room for hours he imagined himself as he always wished.  Instead of hopeless dreaming though he now willed himself to become what he desired.  Intense and precise intention was his method.  At this moment he left himself.  He rose, higher and higher, beyond being.  Into the very nothing of space he became.  At last!  Bliss! Over all and yet such transcendent ennui.  Forever.  Boredom.  Dreaming never more.  Wishing, willing, and being in tortuous omnipotence.  

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