Reno, Rude, and Elena take a break in Wutai. Too bad things won’t stay quiet for long.

It was morning in Wutai. The spring air was gently blowing as birds chirped in the nearby Sakura trees. The sun crept over the horizon of the Wutai Sea, and a pale mist that had enveloped since the previous night was slowly dissipating. Merchants began their cacophonous callings, a gong in the village square was struck six times, and slowly but surely, Wutai was waking up.

Enter Reno, Rude and Elena. They were agents of the Shinra Corporation called Turks. Ordinarily their business was done in darker hours, but not today.

Today was their day off.

Having spent the past week patrolling the steppes of Wutai for any sign of the rogue terrorist group AVALANCHE, they looked forward to a chance to relax, and the village of Wutai had always been a peaceful place. That is, ever since the war where Shinra completely took over the city. It had been reduced to something of a resort town, which is exactly what the worn Turks needed.

“Well looky here,” said Reno, a tall man with spiked red hair. He wore his suit with a bit less grace than one would expect of a government agent, however he was as loyal as they came. Resting his arm over the shoulder of his even taller companion Rude he chuckled. “I see a bar, some hot springs and a buncha scared Westerners. We can have some fun today.”

Rude, a man of few words, simply nodded, and straightened out his jacket. Rude was the exact antithesis of Reno. He was clean cut, professional, and silent. His face was hidden behind his thick sunglasses, and his bald head shined ever so slightly in the morning sun.

Elena, the third, was the smallest of them. She had short blonde hair and tomboyish features, which were accentuated by her Turk suit. The glimmer of a green gem sparkled beneath her sleeve; magic materia. Lacking the strength of her companions, she was given materia, even though it is normally reserved for Shinra’s elite army unit SOLDIER.

She walked over to her comrades. “Don’t forget that just because we have a day off today means we’ve stopped looking for AVALANCHE. We can rest up here, but tomorrow it’s straight back to searching.”

Reno chuckled, “Listen babe, I know you’re a little new at this so I’ll give you some pointers. A day off is a day off be you a merchant, a soldier or a Turk. Now naturally if Cloud and his gang show up here of course I’ll bust them up, but it’s not like they’d come to such an out-of-the-way place anyways.”

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