Reno, Rude, and Elena take a break in Wutai. Too bad things won’t stay quiet for long.

“Yuffie,” Elena said. “Should we apprehend her?”

“Are you sick? She’s underage. God when you think you know somebody…” Reno said.

“That’s NOT WHAT I SAID!!!!” Elena shouted.

Across the bar, Yuffie was desperately trying to communicate with the bartender.

“Olan!” Yuffie cried out. “I need a place to hide!”

The bartender sighed, “Yuffie, is it debt collectors again?”

“Shut up wise guy! It’s a bunch of crazy guys who I sorta robbed,” Yuffie said.

Olan cursed in his native tongue and then shot back: “How can one who comes from such a proud line of ninjas be so wicked. You’re a descendent of Shinobi, all the great ones have come before you-“

“I know! I know!” Yuffie mocked. “Blah blah blah there was Edge, and then blah blah some history crap, blah blah Shadow blah blah BLAH!!! Are you gonna help me or not?!”

Olan just shook his head and went back to tending customers. Yuffie cursed, moaned, then cursed again and ran out the door.

“Hey should we follow her?” Elena asked.

“Forget it, it’s our day off.” Reno said.

The sun was high in the air now, and the gong was struck twelve times. The fishermen had returned with some fresh salt water fish and baskets were sent down to the merchants for their midday rush.

The Turtle’s Paradise was no exception, boasting five baskets and-despite the presence of the Turks-a full house. The sound of men shouting out orders, the chefs bickering, and of course the hammer-like sound of the knives cutting through fish against the cutting boards all echoed throughout the pub.

Suddenly, in walked three people. A man wearing worn-out SOLDIER uniform with spikey blond hair, a small woman with light brown hair in a pink dress, and a dark-haired man in a red cape.

“Wow. Even if Yuffie did hide in here we’ll probably never find her,” the woman said.

“We may as well look, it’s not like we can go anywhere while she has our materia,” said the blond man.

Elena looked up over her glass and gasped. “Reno! Rude! It’s Cloud!”

Reno looked over at the blond. “Oh, so it is. I’ll be damned, I guess Tseng isn’t as cool as you thought, eh sweetie?”

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