Reno, Rude, and Elena take a break in Wutai. Too bad things won’t stay quiet for long.

Reno chuckled to himself and put down his glass. “’Reason to believe’ just say you saw the guy already!”

The soldier turned crimson and continued. “Ah…yes, well anyways. We believe we have cornered him and want Turk assistance in capturing him.”

“What about AVALANCHE?” Elena asked.

“HQ says that AVALANCHE can be caught anytime, but Shinra wants Corneo especially,” the soldier replied.

“Too bad. It’s our day off,” Reno said. “Must I post it everywhere, on every sign in Wutai? “Hey Wutai, guess what. The Turks have a friggin” day off’.”

The soldiers got up and began to leave. The first one warned them as he left. “Don’t think HQ won’t hear about this!”

The door slammed behind them, and Elena’s last nerve went with them.

“How can you guys act so unprofessional! Here we have a chance to catch both AVALANCHE and Corneo and you are just sitting there getting drunk!” Elena shouted.

“Elena, a professional isn’t somebody who sacrifices themselves for their job. That’s just a fool,” Reno said.

“You’re wrong!” Elena shouted as she ran out.

Rude started to get up, but Reno stopped him. “Just let her be.”

The sun slowly sunk down over the apex of the sky, and the midday rush was over. The gong sounded out twice over the village. And in the middle of Turtle’s Paradise, Reno’s PHS received a mayday from Elena.

Reno and Rude ran out the door and up the steps the village square. Running in the direction of the Pagoda of Five Gods, they just missed a large man in a red robe running back in the direction of the town. Two henchmen followed him carrying a bound Elena and Yuffie. Rude turned and saw them dart off in the direction of the massive stone statue to the west of the village; Da Chao.

Suddenly the three members of AVALANCHE appeared behind them. Reno and Rude turned.

“Now is not the time,” Cloud said.

“Yeesh, is he telling me… You know they snagged one of ours too,” Reno said.

“Look, it’s not like I have any intention of cooperating with the Turks,” Cloud said.

“The feeling is mutual, so let’s just agree to do what we can to deal with this common foe for now and we can get back to killing each other when it isn’t my day off, okay?” Reno asked.

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