Reno, Rude, and Elena take a break in Wutai. Too bad things won’t stay quiet for long.

Cloud couldn’t hold back his smile at that thought, but suppressed it quickly at Aerith’s eye of shame.

Cloud, Aerith and Vincent ran up and confronted the Don. Though the Turks could not hear their exchange clearly, they did see a large wyvern fly down from over Da Chao and attack them.

“I’m so glad we’re backup on this one,” Reno said.

“Now we know how he got here so fast,” Rude noted.

“Yeah. Okay let’s move!” Reno ordered.

As the gong struck six the wyvern fell to Cloud’s blade. The sun was beginning to set behind Da Chao and AVALANCHE had at last cornered Corneo.

“Alright Corneo the games over, release our friends,” Cloud said.

“I still have one game to play. Why do you think a scoundrel like I pulls off a stunt so ridiculous as this? 1) Because I’m given up all hope. 2) Because I’m sure of victory or 3) Because I’m insane?” Corneo quizzed.

Cloud raised his sword. “We don’t have time for your nonsense!”

“Sorry, the correct answer is number 2!” Corneo said. He pulled out a remote and pressed two buttons which released the girls arm cuffs and sent them spinning around until they were both upside down.

“Not another step! If I push these other two buttons we’ll end up with squashed tomatoes,” Corneo giggled. “As you see fools, I am the one who laughs last.”

“No that would be me,” came Reno’s voice as he walked down from behind the group.

Corneo’s face became a mask of fear. “Reno of the Turks….”

“You should have known this would happen after you leak plans of our attack to these guys. Nobody betrays Shinra’s trust and gets away with it,” Reno said.

“Damn you all! If I’m going down I’m taking these two with me!” Corneo reached for the button. Vincent pulled out his gun, but Rude’s was drawn first and sent a bullet flying through Corneo’s hand.

“Excellent timing Rude!” Reno shouted. He kicked the remote to the side and then pushed Corneo back. Corneo reached out and grabbed a rock, and Reno caught his hand.

“Alright now I want you to think about this one. Why did I ally myself with my enemy just to take care of you? 1) Because I had given up hope. 2) Because I was sure of victory, or 3) Because I was insane?” Reno asked.

Corneo quivered. “Number 2?”

“Wrong,” Reno said, letting go of Corneo’s hand. Corneo screamed as he fell to the bottom of the statue. “The correct answer is…”

“Because it’s our job,” Rude said.

Elena’s eyes began to tear up. “You guys, thank you so much.”

Reno just shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t act so weak Elena. You’re a Turk.”

Elena nodded. “Yes sir.”

Reno’s PHS rang. “This is Reno. Yeah. Uh-huh. Okay. Bye-bye Heidi. Uh, yes. Heidegger. Sorry….”

“Was that HQ?” Elena asked.

“Yeah, they want us to find Cloud,” Reno said. He turned to Cloud.

Cloud lifted his sword, Vincent lifted his gun and Aerith stepped back.

“Are we on?” Rude asked.

Reno chuckled. “Not today. Today’s our day off.”

“Hey!!!!” Yuffie shouted. “I don’t care about any of that! Get me down!”

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