A new version of season 3.


“Me and Teddy,” Em sighed.  “Me and Brook.”


“Me and Ben,” Michael added.


“Which I was thinking was a good thing,” Jimmy said, squeezing Michael around the waist until his date smiled. 


“Of course it is,” Marilyn agreed, which only made Jimmy beam.  “All the break ups were a good thing, even if it doesn’t seem so at the time.  Where are we…oh, yeah, the Lovers.  And if I recall correctly, the Lovers came right after the break up card, which meant that a couple would re-unite.  You guys don’t even have to say anything.  Everyone knows that Brian Kinney and his young little stud have kissed and made up.”


“I wonder if it made the ten o’clock news,” Michael said sarcastically.  “Jesus, everyone and their mother does know everything about Brian.”


“He’s our own little town celebrity,” Marilyn commented, winking her eye. 


“Visitors,” Emmett recalled a little dazed.  “The next card was about visitors coming to town who will break a bunch of stuff.  That’s has to be Dani and Brook.  Remember all the things Brook broke at Mel and Linds’?”


“That would be a reversed Five of Cups,” Marilyn said. “The last one was the death card, but before that was the Four of Wands…a state of harmony.”


“Four out of seven,” Michael replied, before Emmett could make any further comments.  “Cause I’m not counting Brian as saving Ty’s life.  Like Em said, Ramon would have kicked his ass real good, but he would have never killed him.”


“That’s not bad odds,” Jimmy mentioned leaning back in his seat. 


“The cycle’s not complete,” Marilyn clarified.  She turned to Emmett and raised an eyebrow before wondering, “Why didn’t you warn Brian about fucking on top of a dumpster?  I told you that he should never grab anything inside one without looking at it first.”


“Holy shit,” Em stammered.  “You did say that didn’t you?”

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