A new version of season 3.


“That means someone’s gonna die,” Nicky said, looking at Marilyn.  “Is that just someone he knows or what?”


“A family member,” Marilyn clarified.  “This only affects members of Emmett’s immediate family.”


“This isn’t good,” Michael said, finally believing.  “This really isn’t good.”




“Carl says that killer’s been quiet for too long,” Deb said after glancing around the diner seeing that no customer needed her help.  “Dani even thinks he might be sitting in a jail cell for other reasons.  I sure as hell hope so.  I’d hate to see any more kids hurt cause of him.”


“Dani said it could be a married man,” Ty mentioned.  “When she came over to the loft she told Brook that if he wasn’t getting so much ass, he’d be a prime suspect.”


“Oh you mean like Herb Baumiester?”  Justin wondered.


“How do you know about him?”  Deb asked. 


“Brian,” Justin stated.  “The first real talk we had that wasn’t about us was about the recent killings. He mentioned this guy Herb Baumiester and the fact that he was living a double life: one with his wife and kids, the other with random tricks he murdered after sex.  We watched some programs on A&E then talked about them afterwards.”


“He did that?”  Ty asked a little shocked.  He turned and glanced at Deb, who appeared just as stunned.


“It was one of the reasons we hardly ever…” Justin began.


“Go out and trick,” Ty finished.


“I thought you two stopped that,” Deb said a little flustered.  “You two can’t have a healthy relationship when you’re out fucking the latest piece of ass on Liberty.”


“We’re working on it,” Justin explained, though he knew nothing he said would satisfy the woman.  “We only go together, if we go at all.  Never apart, never without each other.”

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