A new version of season 3.


“It doesn’t-”


“I know,” Justin sighed, “but we have to take small steps, remember?”


“I suppose so,” Deb reluctantly spat out.  “But you two better get your act together soon.”


“I’m sure they will,” Ty replied, winking at Justin.  He watched Blake enter the diner and take a seat in front of the chatty waiters and waitress.  “Brian knows Justin’s just the most popular guy in Liberty right now…well besides himself.”


Justin was about to ask Ty what he meant when Blake plopped in his seat and ordered a stiff drink.  Blake moaned when Deb informed him that the diner didn’t serve alcohol, so Justin asked him what was wrong.


“I want to be with him,” Blake explained, shaking his head.  “But it’s so hard when he’s being a complete asshole.”


“And I thought that was Brian’s job,” Ty quipped.


“What happened?”  Justin wondered as Deb served Blake a cup of tea.


“It’s hard to try and get close to Ted when all he’s ever talking about is you,” Blake said.  “You’re a lot to live up to, you know.”


“Me?”  Justin asked confused.  “What the?”


“It’s about time you got a clue,” Ty giggled.  “Ted’s had a little crush on you ever since I’ve been hanging around.  Brook noticed it too.  Not that I would believe him alone since he has a little crush on you too, but I’ve seen Ted at work…the way he looks at you…”


“When did I become so popular?”  Justin asked dazed.  “Not that I believe Ted has a crush on me, cause I don’t think he has.  I mean, we’re friends…he knows that.  He knows how much I love Brian.  He cares about me, but not in that way.”


“Sunshine,” Deb sighed.  “Ted has a crush on you.”

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