A new version of season 3.


“He said he couldn’t afford it without some assistance,” Ty said, giving Brian a knowing look.  “Like I believe that bullshit, but what the fuck do I know?  Oh yeah.  I get to live in this place instead of that shit hole I was living in.”  Ty stared at Brian with a crooked smile and an air of success.  “It’s like I was never meant to leave here….you know?”


“Thanks, Brian,” Blake told his new landlord before his roommate could say anything more.  For him, the shit hole apartment wasn’t that bad.  Anything was better than a prison issue bed and the loft was the best place he had resided in since he lived with Ted.  His eyes fluttered at the memory and he smiled uneasily.  “For letting us stay here…and for Ted.”


“Why thank me for Ted?”  Brian wondered as he watched Brook enter the room from the bathroom. 


“For helping me out,” Blake replied.  He wasn’t exactly sure what had happened, but he knew that Brian had made a difference.  He could tell the second he went back to work.  “I went back to work, just like nothing had happened.  At first, Ted was all calm, then when he wasn’t looking, I went to his office and saw that all those pictures of Justin were gone.”


“Good,” Brian sighed.  “Saves me from having to kill him.”


“The proclamation of love in endearing,” Brook spoke up, strolling unsteadily towards his old friend.  He was high and no one in the room seemed surprised.  “I suppose if I were with Justin, I’d kill for him too.”


“But you’re not,” Ty reminded him…as if were necessary.  He watched as Brook leaned on Brian, trying to slip a hand down their new landlord’s pants.  He smiled when Brian rolled his eyes and pushed Brook away.  “And you’re not with Brian either.”  He smiled at Brian and couldn’t help but giggle just a bit.  “And if he were to lapse into his old ways, it wouldn’t be with either of us.  Would it, Brian?”

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