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Ted looked in the locker door where he had his pictures of him and Justin.  It was empty.  He turned his head, then made his way back to his desk and sat down.  With a slow and methodical motion, he unlocked his desk draw and took out every picture of Justin he had.  He organized them on his desk and looked at each picture remembering where he got them.  Some he took on his days out with Justin, some he got from Emmett and two he stole.  He ran his finger around some of the edges remembering having to cut Brian out and being upset he could still see a finger or a shirt.  He crumbled those pictures in his hand and tossed them in the garbage. 


There was something not right about the way he placed the pictures, so Ted rotated them until they sat the way they were in his locker.  He fought back his feelings the best he could, but to no avail.  When tears began to fall, Ted wiped them away.  He wanted to put his pictures back where they belonged, but knew he couldn’t.  Instead, he assembled the pictures and struggled as he tried to throw them all away. 


Ted allowed the pictures to fall into the garbage.  He looked into the garbage pail then dropped to his knees, immediately taking each picture out, including those he had crumpled up.  For some reason, they were defeating him and that made him sick.  Now upset with himself, he ripped up some of the photographs and tossed them in the trashcan, only to want to take them out the moment he did it.  Knowing his urge, he kicked the garbage can across the room in a rage.  He hid his face, hoping that would stop his tears, but it didn’t.  Instead, he looked down to see one crumpled up picture of Justin with a blackened out arm around him.  He ignored the fact that the arm belonged to Brian, placed the picture to his face and cried.




“I said I was sorry I don’t know how many times,” Lindsay said, leaning on a counter in the comic book shop.  There weren’t any customers, just Michael and Vic, who looked bored out of their minds.  “Mel can hardly say a thing to me besides all the normal Gus info.”

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