A new version of season 3.


“Darby’s being a pain in the ass with me too,” Gardner said.


Brian glanced up and saw Gardner leaning on the doorway to his office.  Brian wondered how long he had been standing there, then decided it was a moot point.  They both knew Brian couldn’t land one of his clients, just as Gardner couldn’t land his. 


“Thought I had her,” Brian said of his apparently lost case.  “But I fucked up the numbers…I can’t believe I fucked up the numbers.”


“It wouldn’t have mattered,” Gardner sighed.  “Just found out she’s been fucking Lacy from Karpers and Stitleman.”


“Then it was a lost cause,” Brian replied, feeling a little better.  “Because there’s no way in hell I was going to land her to land her.”


“I know you haven’t met him,” Gardner said, watching Brian closely, “but Darby’s a looker.  I’m not sure if you’ve seen him in the halls, but he saw you.  Let’s just say he was already impressed and you didn’t even have to pitch him.”


“Is that right?”


“I know you’re supposed to be pitching Jada Scott from Connor’s Inc, but,” Gardner said, seeing Brian put a hand over his face and close his eyes.  “…I was hoping you’d take over Darby while I handle Jada.  I think I can sway her while you’re more suitable to sway Darby.  C’mon Bri, use your magic on the guy.” 


Brian didn’t even have to think about it.  He knew what his magic would entail and, most importantly, knew how it would affect his relationship with Justin.  There was no way he was going to be the one to break the rules.  He hadn’t before and he wouldn’t start now.  He had seen Gardner’s infamous Darby a week or so ago.  The guy was hot and that only spelled trouble…with a capital T. 

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