A new version of season 3.


“This is shit,” Brook proclaimed, seeing a hot guy, then seeing Emmett and Nicky dancing next to him.  He glanced over and saw another guy, only to see that he was dancing with two others.  His first reaction was to take his prey, but when he saw who the other two men where, rage began to grow inside of him.  There was no way he could complete with Brian, but both Brian and Justin?  Then it dawned on him…why not him?  The guy they were dancing with was hot, but not hotter than him.  “I’m hotter than that guy, right?”


Ty rolled his eyes and wondered who, amongst all the men, he was supposed to be looking at.  When his eyes found Brian, Justin and the guy, he laughed out loud.  Brook was jealous and he wasn’t even trying to hide it anymore.  Ty snickered at the thought.  He himself was a little jealous, but there was no way he was going to let it spoil his good time, as Brian and Justin’s little encounter seemed to be doing for Brook.



 “It’s all a matter of taste,” Ty chuckled.  “Me, personally?  I think the guy’s up there…maybe even hotter than you.  The only problem you have is that Justin hates you with a passion, which means that Brian’s not going to touch your dick with a ten foot pole.”


“Fuck you,” Brook snapped, walking away from Ty.  He only got two steps away from his lover before meeting an understated but attractive man.  He pointed to the guy Brian and Justin were dancing with and asked if he was hotter than him.  When the attractive man said ‘yes’; Brook wrapped his arm around his shoulders and started walking out of Babylon.  He heard Ty screaming after him about being his ride, being his boyfriend and about killers on the loose, but he ignored him. 


“Fuck you too,” Ty screamed, although he knew Brook wouldn’t be able to hear him anymore.  “I can’t believe he would do that to us.  He’s such an asshole.”

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