A new version of season 3.


“What’s this?”


Brian raised an eyebrow and looked at the envelope Justin handed him.  Quickly, he opened up the envelope and read the contents.  Not all of the papers.  Just the bottom line.  IRS.  Back taxes.


“Fuck me,” Brian mumbled, dropping the papers onto a corner table before picking up the phone and dialing.  “It’s me.  Did you cancel?  Well, don’t.  Call and confirm.  Thanks.”


Brian turned and saw Justin reading the papers.  If he had had his choice, he would have kept it from Justin as long as possible.  However, it appeared he didn’t have a choice and Justin now knew there was something wrong. 


“We owe this?”


“I owe this,” Brian corrected.  “I’m going to fucking kill Ted.  Son of a bitch.”


“We,” Justin sighed, staring at the numbers. 


“Can you get someone to drive you home?”


“Sure,” Justin replied, putting the papers down and taking in the worried look on Brian’s face.  “Going to your business meeting?”




“Anything I should know?”


“Remember when I told you I’d warn you if we’re in trouble?” Brian wondered.  He saw the concern on Justin’s face, but there was no way to get around the truth.  “We’re in trouble.”




“There’s my baby boy,” Mel said, picking up Gus and holding her son in her arms.  “What do you want to do today?”




“You want to watch Spongebob again?”  Mel asked.  “Oh, I guess I can add that to our plans.”


“I got him the computer game,” Lindsay told her partner.  “He hasn’t had a chance to play it yet, so if you want to stay here and try it out, it’s fine by me.”


“He’ll have more than enough time to play with it while I’m gone,” Mel quickly answered.  “I think I want to spend some alone time with my son, if you don’t mind.  Unless I can’t consider him my son anymore.”

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