A new version of season 3.


“Mr. Darby,” Brian said, holding out a hand, only for his client to motion him towards an empty chair.  Brian placed his portfolio down and sat, wondering what the hell he had just gotten himself into.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you.


“Call me Will,” he replied.  “Gardner’s told me all about you, Brian.  May I call you Brian?”


“Of course,” Brian answered, glancing away momentarily.  He had seen Darby once before, but it was only it passing.  He hadn’t gotten a good look, and that was a good thing.  A man as stunning as Darby would have been a big bump on his journey back to Justin.  He still could be. 


“Let’s cut to the chase, Brian,” Will said, leaning in so close he could smell the expensive cologne on Brian’s clean, musky body.  “The moment I saw you I just knew…”  Darby sighed and leaned back smoothly.  “You’d give me exactly what I needed.”


If Darby would have said this to him five months ago, Brian would have had him spread eagled on his back screaming for more.  Brian closed his eyes cursing the visual and his imagination.  He recalled the time when he was his own man, someone who answered to none.  But, that was then and this was life with Justin.


“I’ve designed a campaign I think you’ll find effective,” Brian told him.  “Although Gardner’s ideas were quite well done.”


“I appreciated Gardner’s ideas,” Darby replied with a smile.  “In fact I think he might have had the best of the lot.”


“Then why do you need me?”


“Need is a good word…want is probably better.”




“This has got to be the worst week ever,” Michael complained, trudging through an alleyway.  He looked back and saw his companion and sighed.  “The absolute worst.”


“It’s been no picnic for me either, ‘ole whiney one,’ ” Ty mumbled, following, though not very closely. 

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