A new version of season 3.


“With Brian?”


“With Mel!”  Lindsay corrected, tears starting to fall down her cheek.  “I know you think I have a thing for Brian and maybe for a moment, I was blurring the lines, but I love Mel.  I really do.”


“A moment?”  Dani chuckled shaking her head.  In her mind it was over a decade, that she knew of.  The most important thing, however, was the fact that Lindsay wanted Mel back.  Maybe there was still hope for those two, only how to fix that situation was a puzzle.  “Maybe we can figure something out.”




“I don’t see why we couldn’t go there,” Ty snickered, walking into the loft with Michael behind.  “I think that guy could be the serial killer guy we’re looking for.”


“Who are we?”  Michael asked sarcastically.  “Jack Webb and Joe Friday?”




Michael slammed the door to the loft and declared, “I’m going to use the bathroom then I’m leaving!”


“Fine, leave then,” Ty replied, shaking his head.  “You big fucking baby.”


Ty took off his jacket and noticed Blake sitting quietly reading a book.  They exchanged hellos then started talking about Ty’s and Michael’s quest to discover the name of the dead boy.  As the story unfolded, Ty made sure Blake understood the harrowing adventure that took them into the realm of drug addicts and homelessness. 


“I used to live there,” Blake reminded his roommate.  “Anything else scary you want to tell me?”


“Oh fuck,” Ty sighed.  “You’re no fun.  Has Brook come home yet?  I bet he’d enjoy my story.”


“He’s still a no show,” Blake replied.  “Is that normal for him?  To be gone for an entire week?”


“He’s a slut,” Michael said, walking into the room.  “I’m surprised he comes here at all.”


“He is a slut,” Blake agreed with a smile.  “But you’d think he’d come here for a little home cooking from Ty.  Ty is his regular you know.”

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