A new version of season 3.


“There’s a catch, isn’t there?”


“I’m part of the deal.”




“No,” Brian replied, briefly cracking a smile.  “Just long enough to get his rocks off.”


“Is he an old man like the last one?”


Brian thought about what Justin said and had to remember who Justin thought the last one was.  When he remembered, he shook his head and wondered how he ever could do some of the things he did.  Some of the men he did.  It was his first real look at Brian Kinney and he didn’t much like what he saw. 


“He’s hot,” Brian responded.  “Under normal circumstances I’d be fucking him right now.”


“What about if we go together,” Justin suggested.  “Two for the price of one.  He can’t beat that.”


“I already tried that,” Brian sighed.  “I fucked it up when I started talking about you.  He knew how much I…fuck.”


“He doesn’t want me,” Justin said, hanging his head low. “Because you love me?”


“Something like that.”


Tears filled Justin’s eyes, though he didn’t shed a one.  He wanted to be strong, but it wasn’t easy when every time he turned around, his relationship was being tested.  He supposed this was the biggest test of them all. 


“How bad is it?”  Justin wondered. “With the money?”


“I’m telling you.”


Brian closed his eyes the second he saw Justin’s tears.  He took Justin’s hand in his own and swore to himself he wasn’t going to cry.  This was easy.  He’d fuck the guy and that would be that.  But things were never that easy.  Brian knew that, and it seemed it wasn’t lost on Justin.  Darby would be the first, so who would the next be?  To every end there was always a beginning and Brian wondered if this would be it for them.  There were no ‘rules’ in their relationship, but there was way in which they lived.  They were a couple and they’d do things as a couple. 

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