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“No,” Darby chuckled.  “Are you?”


“No,” Justin replied with a smile.  “I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind buying me a drink.  I’m not hustling you for a drink or anything, I could give you the money.  I’m just not old enough…my boyfriend usually buys my drinks for me and I guess he’s running a little late.”


Darby stared at Justin and smiled.  Darby thought the young man might have been a hustler, though he would have bought the blond a drink anyway.  He asked Justin what he wanted and told the bartender. 


“Thanks,” Justin told Darby, sipping on his Midori Margarita. He plopped on a barstool, took another drink and then looked at his watch.


“He’s late, huh?”  Darby asked, coolly glancing towards Justin.  When he saw Justin nod yes, he shook his head, finished off his drink and motioned to the bartender.  “My date’s late too.”


“I should be used to it,” Justin sighed.  “My boyfriend gives the term casually late a bad name.  Not as bad as one of his best friends, but we won’t even go there.”


“Another whiskey on the rocks, Mr. Darby?”  The bartender asked, leaving when Darby said yes. 


“Name’s Will Darby,” he said, putting out a hand which Justin shook.  “And yours?”


“Justin,” the blond replied.  “Some people call me Sunshine, but I prefer Justin.”


“Then Justin it is,” Darby said with a smile.  “Sunshine, huh?  It fits you perfectly.”


“You shouldn’t say that too loud,” Justin told the man, smiling at the bartender when she handed Darby his drink.  “Your date might think it’s weird or she just might get jealous.”


Justin grinned when the bartender snorted and walked away.  He turned his attention back to Darby and chuckled. 


“I don’t think my date will mind,” Darby replied.  “He’s not even my boyfriend.”

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