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House Warming, part 2


Brian took Lindsay to an area of the party where they could be alone.  He didn’t want to cause a scene, though he certainly wasn’t above it. 


“I want to tell you something I should have mentioned months ago,” Brian began.  “It’s about Gus.”


“I’m listening.”


“One night, while I was telling Gus a bedtime story,” Brian started, “the story kind of took a strange turn.  It was about a mommy, daddy and a baby.  Gus said he had a Mommy and a Mommy and a Daddy and a Daddy.” 


Brian sighed, remembering the night.  At the time, he and Justin were no longer together and the idea startled him.  It was rubbing salt to in the wound of Justin’s leaving. 


“I sort of freaked.  Justin and I had already broken up and – fuck it…the truth is I’m an egotistical bastard. I told him he only had one Daddy and that was me, but when I said it, he started to cry.  It was like I was taking away something from him.  I think he had it in his mind that Mommy kissed Mommy so Daddy kissed Daddy…or something like that.”


“Why didn’t you say anything?”  Lindsay asked. 


“I just didn’t,” Brian snapped.  “I told him the story again, but this time I used Mommy and Mommy, which he seemed fine with.  The only problem was that I had promised him two stories.  So, I read another one with Mommy and Mommy, but he wasn’t happy with that.  He said he wanted to hear about Daddy and Daddy.  But, because I told him he was wrong, the second he said Daddy twice, he started to cry again like he did something wrong.”


“You should have said something, Brian,” Lindsay gasped.  “We could have solved this together.”


“Can you turn back time?”


“No, but-”


“Then stop fucking interrupting me and let me finish,” Brian snarled.  “I took out some pictures I had and we went through them.”  Brian looked directly at Lindsay and made sure she understood what their son (not Brian) had done.  “He looked right at the picture of Justin and called him Daddy.  I couldn’t take that away from him…or Justin.  But, like I said, I’m an egotistical bastard and I told him that if he was going to call Justin anything, call him Ju Ju.  It would be his special name for his other Daddy.”  Brian paused.  “He may be a kid, but he knows the importance of a Mommy and Daddy and he wasn’t happy about it.  I told him that Justin was his Momma too, but he should call his boy Momma Ju Ju.”

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